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Exactly How To Get Pregnanct In A 90 Day Cycle.

By Dr Oyebade Obalola Jerry.
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Don’t you hate when you try to get positive pregnancy test result, but you end up getting negative result instead?

The reason this usually happens is because Pills alone can’t restore your reproductive health.

The unfortunate reality is most doctors only focus manipulating the hormones with pills but don’t give priority to the restoration of reproductive health. (Main reason for very low success rate)

Are they facts or not?
How many times have you failed with your pregnancy tests so far?

The seed will sprout without fail if you provide the seed right soil, right water and right temperature.

You will conceive without failure if you provide right things to your body.

What are the right things?
Indeed, in just moments you’ll discover what the right things are.

I know…
You might never think that the conception becomes so difficult for you. Long term TTC is heartbreaking and soul destroying.

No one can ever understand this pain, except those who are experiencing this trauma…

I am sorry but…
You have been trying prescription medication. You have done loads of tests. Undergone or preparing for risky surgery. Simply, you are following whatever your doctor says with a hope of having your baby soon. But so far you are not lucky enough.

Worst yet…
One moment you’ll be convinced that you get pregnant this time, the next moment you fear that you may not. This endless vicious circle drives you crazy because every test is coming negative.

This is really frustrating…
Your doctors won’t tell you much. But I will... The uncertainty of treatment is a big frustration. The anxiety and worry about the money for your treatment add the fuel to the fire. I think, you almost come to a conclusion that no one can fix this problem easily.

I’d feel the same way if I am in your situation. But what if I tell you that you can fix this problem yourself and get pregnant fast, would you believe me?

Here is the truth…
You can’t get pregnant fast with the modern medicine. Because modern medicine is unpredictable and inconsistent when it comes to dealing with chronic diseases including fertility problems. That is why you always hear ” clomid cycles failed; femera cycles failed; IUI failed; IVF cycles failed” I'm in the system so I know what am saying...

The real reason for failure…
Infertility is like emergency alarm to protect your fertility from toxic western lifestyle.

All the chronic diseases including fertility problems are caused by flawed diets, toxin buildup and chronic stress. These dietary and lifestyle is causes metabolic, hormonal, immunity and other problems. The modern medicine only mask the symptoms but it can’t prevent cellular and organs failure.

The real treatment therefore should be change in diets and lifestyles that resolve psychological issues. I'm going to discuss more about this in lines below..

The missing piece of fertility puzzle????
What do I mean by the missing piece of the puzzle?
To discover the missing piece of the puzzle, you need to figure out the root cause of your problem.

Maybe you’re having/suffering from one or more of the following fertility problems…..

1)Irregular periods.
2)Anovulation (Ovaries are not releasing the egg )
3)Imbalanced hormonal system ( incorrect levels of AMH, HSG, FSH, Prolactin).

4)Other fertility problems (PCOS, Fibroids, Blocked fallopian tubes……)

So first and foremost you need to find out why you got this problem in first place.In other words, I want you to discover what is causing your fertility problem. Without knowing the cause of your problem you cannot fix it. ( But unfortunately, this is what the modern doctors are doing for you.)

I am sure, no one can tell you the real cause of your problem. But let us try to discover the cause of your problem based on SCIENTIFIC FACTS….

Did you know these facts…
Processed foods, Gluten, GM products, low-fat dairy products….any standard American diets are proven to cause chronic diseases…

Here are more scientific studies; (you can google and cross check these facts)

Miscarriage risk rises with BPA exposure, study finds.

Exposure to BPA linked to increased risks of infertility.

Taking several common over the counter PAIN RELIEVERS, like Aleve, Motrin, and Advil can increase a woman’s chances of being infertile by up to 75%.

Chances of infertility almost double when women are STRESSED.

Drinking ALCOHOL, even in moderation, can make it more difficult to conceive.

VAGINAL DOUCHING may increase a woman’s risk of infertility.

AIR POLLUTION and traffic fumes tied to infertility risk.

A New study confirms GM food damages fertility.
Multiple studies have suggested that CAFFEINE consumption increases the risk of miscarriage.

The modernized diet causes disease. It is composed of 25 percent animal products and 62 percent processed foods and only 5 percent of calories from fruits and vegetables..

Now, Let us come back to the main point of discussion here. The main point of discussion is figuring out what is causing your infertility problem.

The only inference we can draw based on scientific facts is that all the chronic diseases including fertility problems are caused by dietary and lifestyle practices what we follow each and every day knowingly or unknowingly.

So the dietary and lifestyle practices are causing
1)Irregular periods.
2)Anovulation (Ovaries are not releasing the egg )
3)Imbalanced hormonal system ( incorrect levels of AMH, HSG, FSH, Prolactin).

4)Other fertility problems (PCOS, Fibroids, Blocked fallopian tubes……)

Why your body not responding to the treatment
“Fertility is not something that you can buy with pills. It comes from your healthy living”

Now you know the cause of your problem.So let us dive into how to fix your fertility problem.

Before you fix the problem, first let us try to understand why your current treatment is not giving you the desired results. Why your body is not responding to the treatment given by the doctors so far…Why are you not conceiving even after trying months and perhaps years?

The long story in short!
Your Doctor first gives you prescription medic… If you don’t get pregnant…….Then surgery……… If you don’t get pregnant…… Then IVF…if that also fails…you’ll hear consoling phrases like“ God is not kind enough to you” “maybe you can consider adoption”. This is the long story short.

I want my readers to succeed in TTC journey eventually.

My intention is not to give a negative picture of modern medicine. I'm trained in modern science.. My only limited point is to make you understand the limitations of modern treatment and its uncertainty, unpredictability, and randomness. I want my readers to succeed in TTC journey eventually. I don’t want my readers to regret later when the opportunity slips out of their hands.

The truth is getting pregnant is a numbers game, like playing the lottery. If the machine keeps punching out the wrong balls, you don’t hit the jackpot.

The point I’m trying to convey to you is simple…

You cannot cure dietary and lifestyle diseases by using prescription medications…by clipping or cutting the affected parts.

Medicine turns off symptoms. Surgery cut off damaged part. But the underlying infertility will continuous to grow and may cause irreversible damage.

Doctors use drugs or painful surgical procedures that shut your body’s alarm system Doctors are practically ignoring your body’s messages and neglecting the root cause of your problem. Here is the scary part. Delay in treating the root cause make your condition worse or irreversible damage to your reproductive system in the long run.

In essence, modern treatment not addressing the root cause of your problem. That is why you are not getting pregnant even after trying for months and perhaps years.

Realize this truth…
Fertility problems are dietary and lifestyle diseases. You can get rid of all your fertility problems with diets and lifestyle changes only.

Infertility is a message from your body telling you that damage is happening in your internal body systems. If you can realize this fact, what once appears to be difficult, looks easy. What makes frightened can no longer frighten you. Because you know what is causing it.

You may be thinking that can I really fix this…is it that simple…have a glance of the following two quotes…

After few years of practice, treating thousands of patients with chronic illnesses, I recognized, yet again, that the most powerful tool in my toolkit is food. Not surgery, not medication. What I saw in China is what I have been teaching my patients for decades: to literally eat their medicine and heal through food.

I continue to be amazed by our bodies’ ability for self-repair.

I continue to be amazed by our bodies’ ability for self-repair. … Our bodies want to be healthy, if we would just let them. That’s what these new research articles are showing: Even after years of beating yourself up with a horrible diet, your body can reverse the damage, open back up the arteries-even reverse the progression of some cancers. Amazing! So it’s never too late to start exercising, never too late to stop smoking and never too late to start eating healthier. –

The point is simple…
Your body repairs infertility disorders better than your doctors…

Treat the food as medicine…Your body will repair infertility disorders better than your doctors…..So, stop worrying about the uncertainty, unpredictability and randomness of modern medicine. Because you can fight your infertility naturally with almost certainty.

You know that when you provide the right conditions, the seed sprouts with certainty and predictability. Similarly, if you create the right conditions in your body, conceiving is certain and predictable.

Let me get to the point.
There is no need of over thinking and over complicating. When you get down to the reality, you need to do only five things to restore your fertility. This may sound too simplistic but this is all that you have to do.

Here are the 5 things to do.…
1. Take food with full of micronutrients
2. Detoxify your body systems
3. Boost your immunity
4. Restore hormonal balance
5. Reduce your stress
That’s it. That’s all.
Whether or not you believe, these five things are enough to create the right conditions, in which, a healthy egg, a healthy cervical mucus will be produced. You know pretty well that the formula for conception is simple.

Healthy Egg + Healthy Cervical Mucus + Healthy Sperm = Pregnancy

Conception Formula
No doubt you have to do the five things that listed above. But that’s is not all. Two more important things you need to be kept in your mind.

One is…
Combining all the above five activities is a must…

You have to do all the five things simultaneously. Combining all the above five activities is a must. If you do only one or two activities and ignore the others you will not get pregnancy.(This is the big takeaway from this blog post)

How to get pregnant in 90 day cycle
How to get pregnant in 90 day cycle naturally
This is the secret of getting pregnant in 90 days. This is what you are waiting for and you’re going to love this.

you have a fantastic opportunity of 90 days period…

Egg prepare for ovulation. During egg’s journey towards ovulation, you will have a fantastic opportunity of 90 days period. The ninety-day period prior to ovulation, you have to start following 5 fertility enhancing activities.

1. Take right food with full of micronutrients
2. Detoxify your body systems
3. Boost your immunity
4. Restore hormonal balance
5. Reduce your stress
By following all these measures for 90 days, you are creating the right conditions for the egg to grow, release and get fertilized with the healthy sperm.

However, at this point, you may be wondering whether you really get pregnant in 90 days cycle. Well, that is the definite possibility. I have used the phrase “definite possibility” consciously. When I say that definite possibility what I mean is this…

If you give the right things to the seed, it will definitely sprout. There is no need of having any doubt. The seed will sprout because it is a law of life. And similarly, if you provide right things to your body you will produce a healthy egg and healthy cervical mucus. If you give right things to your hubby he can produce a healthy sperm. These three things definitely result in conception.

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