[Reminder]- How Well Do You Know Your Friends?

By Counselor Adofoli
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A good heart is like a fertile soil, the good seed you sow on it will surely bear good fruit and you can one day enjoy from such a harvest. But that is different from bad or wrong soil; no matter the amount of the seed you plant, it will yield nothing. There are these two types of people in our lives.

There are people who are always there for us, they are good heart, a good heart is like good soil. A good soil doesn't just take the seed, it also turns them into harvest to help you in times of need.

There are those who are always around, who can be described as the bad soil or bad heart. No matter what you sow in them, the investment, the time and resources, there is nothing to get in return, even in times of need. They turn you down or pretend they don't have.

You can give a bad heart the entire ocean and they will still take you for granted. But the story is different when you come to the good heart. You could give it just a drop of water, they will still appreciate it.

There are people who are always around you because of what they are getting from you, yet they still maltreat you, cheat on you, disrespect you but pretend to be the best thing that happened to you.

While their opposite are those who are with you because of what they can give you or do to help you. Sometimes you push them away, get on their nerve, hurt them with your actions yet they still choose to be with you.

Bad hearts weigh you down, good hearts lift you up, and if you have to choose from the two, go for a good heart. Bad hearts are fake human beings, they are more dangerous than the devil, witches, ghosts and monsters.

You can go to the moon and back for a bad heart and he or she will have the audacity to tell you "I didn't send you or ask you to". That is how ungrateful they can be. They are suffering from memory loss and easily forget the one who caught them when they were falling. They forget the good you did for them, but never forget the bad or hurt.

A good heart will stand by you at odd times and defend you even in your absence, but the bad heart is closer in good times and will strike you from behind. There are the type who pretend to be a friend who cares, always asking about your progress and moves but will easily betray you.

Your happiness is a pain for a bad heart because they don't love you. They can't celebrate you; they wish they had what you have. While your happiness is the happiness of a good heart because they love you. Your joy is theirs, your sadness is theirs. They rejoice with you, they celebrate you.

Even in our cycle of friends on social media, you can figure the good heart from the bad one. There are those who request for your friendship not because they love you or like you, but just because of what they can get from you.

Some come into our life as a life partner. If you are single and considering marriage with a bad heart, I want to remind you, an empty spot in your bed is better than having a wrong spirit lying on it. Such spirit limits you in life.

In conclusion "The righteous choose their friends carefully, but the way of the wicked leads them astray" - Proverbs 12:26 (NIV).

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