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Apr 15, 2018 | Health & Fitness

Does Sex Have Anything To Do With Hair Loss?

By Icliniq
Photo culled from
Photo culled from

MYTH: Hair loss can be a result of inherited genes from either one of your parents or grandparents.

FACT: Hair loss cannot be the result of any single gene in a person. A combination of genes that you receive from both your parents can be considered a factor. It is the result of interactions between several genes that you inherit.

Hair loss in women
MYTH: Men suffer from hair loss more than women. Women lose hair only as a result of treatment for terminal diseases like cancer.

FACT: Women tend to suffer from hair loss as much as men do in reality. Being more self-conscious women do not make it apparent and take proper precautions to avoid balding. Hair loss caused due to the effects of cancer treatment is similar in both men and women. The pattern of balding is more apparent in men since they tend to lose hair at the front and the top of their head first while women lose the overall density of their hair.

MYTH: Hair loss in women leads to abnormal bleeding and/or irregular periods.

FACT: Hair loss does not interfere with a women’s menstrual cycle, pregnancy or the functions of their endocrine system. Both abnormal bleeding and hair loss combined can be side effects of something else including your bad diet, vitamin or mineral deficiency or hormonal imbalance.

Sex and hair loss
MYTH: Being sexually active can make you lose hair due to the hormones released while you are having sex.

FACT: There is no specific reason for you to lose hair if you are sexually active. There is no proof as well that the hormones released during sex can affect your hair in any way.

Short hair and hair loss
MYTH: Maintaining your hair short or shaving your head will help your hair grow back denser and thicker.

FACT: Every individual has a unique cycle of hair growth. This is a result of their gene and the proper care they provide to their hair and scalp. While genes cannot be altered, adequate nourishment can improve your hair’s density and thickness.

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