New Mothers; 5 Things You Should Know About Your Baby

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A baby is not only a bundle of joy, he/she brings along a lot of responsibilities in your life as well. Read further to know a few uncommon facts about babies you did not know earlier.

New born's Sense of Smell
The babies senses develop rapidly since the time of birth itself. Within 15 minutes of birth, a baby is able to recognize sound and also determine the direction of its origin. Newborns are able to recognize their parents just by relying on their sense of smell.

Baby's hearing
Even while they are still in the womb babies can hear us speaking and they are always listening. A newborn will be able to recognize its mother’s voice even at a very early stage.

Baby's cry
Though the babies start crying from the time of birth there are usually no tears until they are three weeks or a month older. The tears contain specific hormones which are released when the baby cries. These hormones help the baby calm down. These kind of stress tears are usually unique to humans.

Baby's Sound
It is said that each baby makes a unique pattern of sound when crying. A mother is able to distinguish the sound of her baby even when there is a room full of babies who are crying.

Baby's Focus
During the first three to four months of a newborn’s life, their eyes are only able to focusup to eight to nine meters. This is enough distance for a baby to focus on its mothers facewhile they are feeding. This is also the perfect distance for a baby to focus on its entire body.

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