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Dear Youth- 7 Things To Watch On Your CV

By Marricke Kofi Gane
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LISTEN MAR 27, 2018
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There are aren't a lot of jobs going around so please note a few things.

(1) Don't list "I am God-fearing, kind, caring, humble, etc" when applying to an International organisation please - none of that is a skill or competence. Religion is a very personal thing and some employers who don't believe BUT know the CHURCHIABILITY of Ghanaians may mistakenly interprete that to mean you will be asking plenty permissions for church programmes: if the role demands a high level of honesty, integrity etc, just say you can demonstrate high integrity and leave it there waii.

(2) You have a CV, yes, but it must still be tweaked to FIT the specific role you are applying to. Depending on what role you are applying to, the CV must highlight the strengths from your experiences that are most relevant to that role. Always best to design and have about 3 CVs on hand to use. For example I have 1 CV each to highlight my Forensic Audit, International Development, Management Coaching, PFM training, etc skills.

(3) Simple, smart, catchy. Remember a recruiter has to look at 100s of CVs. The easier you can make his work easier, the easier s/he can invite you for an interview. No matter what, 2 pages is enough. That's why point #2 is useful.

(4) If asked why you left your last role, please DON'T start blabbing about confidential wahala that happened at your last employers and how your former employer was this and that. Employers know that "People skills" work both ways so if you are blaming an employer, chances are that you are also part of the wahala. Just write, " you left to explore new or challenging opportunities that came up." What you say about your last employers is a Hint of what the current one can expect you will say about it when employed.

(5) The age for listing all your hobbies is past gone. Most employers are not really interested. If you must list it, there must be clear transferable skills from that hobby that applies to the role at hand.

(6) Most employers these days are savvy recruiters. Don't think we will just read your CV and interview you. Ah you paaa. We have probably seen all the nonsense you've been spitting on Social Media the last 2 years already. I can tell if your CV is the real you or not. Am just saying. Chances are someone on the panel even knows you from "That Secret Sex Group" on Facebook - you dey look my face?? We know what you folks are up to waei!!

(7) Oh and here is a free valuable tip. Every industry has the KIND of people it looks out for. If you are applying to an organisation in the Creative Industry or highly scientific spectrums of operations, your covering letter must equally announce you as creative or structured respectively. Creativity is messy, Technical jobs are mainly structured. ..

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