Beyond Argument - Sex Isn't A Woman's Thing?

By Hamza Mohammed
Photo credit - iStockphotos
LISTEN MAR 14, 2018
Photo credit - iStockphotos

It is a complete lie for one to think sex is a woman's thing, to believe women love sex. It is like saying dogs love bones which is not true. What a dog desires is meat, but the absence of meat is what causes the dog to make do with the only choice left which is the bone.

Absence of affection makes a woman believe she needs sex.

We've all got our favourite food and we don't get tired of eating that on any day, at any time. Even if not served by the best chef or special person, we still enjoy it. But the story is different when it comes to foods which are not our favourite.

If you have to enjoy it, it must be special, well served, well prepared, from the best cook or chef or a special person. We can't enjoy that continuously for days, we get bored or tired of it.

When it comes to male and female, each have their favourite. Sex is the man's favourite; he doesn't get tired of it unless he doesn't feel for it or not in the mood. A man can have a stressful day at work and still want to have sex. A man can be sick and still want sex.

The sex can last for a minute and the man stills enjoyed it and he is satisfied.

Men can have sex continuously and won't get bored with that. The sex could be poorly served, yet the man enjoys it. Since it is his favourite, it doesn't have to be at its peak or best for him to enjoy.

Men are able to ask for sex but women don't feel easy doing that. Because it's the man's thing, when he is hungry, he is able to ask for that but women don't see that as their thing and therefore find it inappropriate doing that. This goes to men who complained why their wives don’t ask for sex or even shows sign they enjoyed it.

A man can have sex with the ugliest woman and still enjoy it, some men even had sex with the sick, mad and even animals yet still enjoyed it. This is why some men are appreciating sex dolls, they can have sex with toys and still enjoy it.

Again, although sex is a man's thing, it is allowed in

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