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4 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do

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Don't try to change things beyond your control — change your responses

You can't do anything about the bad things that happen to you — and these are bound to occur, no matter how well-prepared you are. The good news, though, is that you can change your reflexes and responses when things go awry. Try not to dwell on your misfortunes, as this can lead to getting stuck in a cycle of bitterness and developing the sort of entitled attitude that endears you to nobody. Keep in mind that the world doesn't owe you anything, and that if you hold onto that belief, it will not only frustrate you, but also undermine your performanc

Don't focus on others' thoughts and feelings

If you allow others to decide your self-worth, it gives them power over you, which makes you more vulnerable to manipulation — and distraction! Stand your ground and take control of your own actions. In the end, these are the only ones that you'll be held accountable for.

When it comes to your own projects, don't set your mind on pleasing people, and define your own boundaries. Thinking of yourself doesn't make you selfish, and neither does putting yourself first sometimes — but be discerning, as certain situations require definite levels of awareness of those around you.

Fear prevents you from taking risks and moving forward

The reason so many people perceive change to be scary is not only because stability is comfortable, of course, but because we tend to assume a small change will overhaul our lives completely — which can only make us put it off all the more.

For instance, trying to get fitter doesn't have to mean becoming a gym buff overnight — it can mean making small alterations to your life, such as eating fewer sweets, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. The assumption of big, overwhelming changes is linked to the human tendency to overestimate risks, which leads to us not fulfilling our potential.

Another example is being determined to go freelance or found your own company, but at the same time too scared to quit your full-time job to make it happen. Gradual changes are key: You could save up money, working up to scaling down your hours so that you can commit to your venture.

Embrace solitude
FOMO — fear of missing out — is a killer! Trawling social media, if done for too long, can ingrain you with envy and mistrust of your peers. But true friendship is not built on resentment or using someone to get ahead. Try not to compare yourself with others, especially those with similar skills to you — the green-eyed monster will make your bad days even worse.

It's also worth remembering that to avoid feeling insecure, you have to stop defining your self-worth according to others' standards. In today's hustle society, doing "nothing" is frowned upon, but we need these moments or we'll burn out in no time. The strength to feel comfortable when alone is an invaluable asset.

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