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5 March 2018 | Women

Why Am I Always Discharging Breast Milk?  (5 common causes):

Dr Oyebade Abalola Jerry
Why Am I Always Discharging Breast Milk?  (5 common causes):

Having breast milk discharge is commonly seen in a pregnant woman or a lactating mother who have just had a baby.

This is the work of a special female hormone called, Prolactin

When a non-lactating woman, or a young lady abnormally makes breast milk persistently, her body falsely perceives she could be either pregnant, or an early-mom.

And then shuts down any chances of her getting pregnant or ovulating, as a natural means of contraception, for as long this problem continues.

High Prolactin Secretion Commonly Occurs Due to the Following:

1. Poor food choices
2. Lifestyle habits that result to hormonal imbalance

3. Antipsychotic drugs
4. Pituitary tumours
5. Certain health conditions
Natural Treatment Option for High Prolactin:
-Use hormone balancing supplements
- Do fertility cleansing (detox)
- Adopt healthy lifestyle habits
- Eat lots of omega 3/6 foods
- Reduce your stress level.