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March 1, 2018 | LifeStyle Love & Relationships

Falling In Love With Your Best Friend

Hamza Mohammed
Photo credit - Shutterstock
Photo credit - Shutterstock

Fall in love with someone whom you can consider as a best friend at the same time. Someone who can handle your tantrums and melt downs.

Fall in love with someone who loves your soul more than your body. Someone who makes you feel secure. Someone who can remove all your hesitations, doubts and fears.

Fall in love with someone who does not make love difficult. Someone who takes risks for you. Someone who is not afraid to fight for you.

Fall in love with someone who forgives your mistakes. Someone who never keeps records of your wrongs. Someone who never lefts you hanging.

Fall in love with someone who gives you the entire zoo when you are only expecting to feel butterflies in your tummy. Someone who gives you the reason to smile.

Fall in love with someone who makes you laugh with corny jokes. Who makes fun of himself just to make you happy. Someone who makes life seem easy.

Fall in love with someone who never fails to amaze you every single day. Someone who excites you a lot. Someone who brings out the best in you.

You don’t deserve a half-baked love. You deserve consistency. It is either someone is totally all in or totally not.

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