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Simple Hotel Etiquettes For Guests

Adeniyi Ogunfowoke
Photo credit - Shutterstock
Photo credit - Shutterstock

Travelers expect quite a bit from the hotel experience. Not only is it important to have a comfortable place to sleep, amenities such as ice, hair dryers, irons, and breakfast are expected as well. This said, there are some things guests are expected to do when they stay in a hotel. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency highlights hotel etiquettes for guests.

Tip smartly
There is a lot of staff at a hotel and it can be very confusing as to know who needs to be tipped and who doesn’t. Anyone who works at the main desk does not need to be tipped for their services. However, if the hotel has a concierge desk and you utilized their services during your stay, you can offer a tip.

Arrange your dirty clothes before housekeeping arrives

The housekeeping staff keeps the rooms clean for the guests, but there are certain things that guests should do prior to housekeeping entering the room. Guests should pile all their dirty towels into one pile, preferably in the bathtub, so that housekeeping can easily see what needs to be removed and replaced. All trash should be placed in a garbage can for easy removal as well.

Do not enter a restaurant with your bathrobe

Some hotels offer continental breakfasts or even full breakfasts for their guests, which is a wonderful way to save money when you travel. However, guests need to follow some guidelines. When a guest goes down for breakfast, they should be dressed for their day. No one should ever enter the breakfast room pyjamas or bathrobe. Guests should take the food that they will be eating for breakfast but don't take additional food with you for the rest of the day.

Be a gracious guest
Just because you are paying to stay at the hotel does not mean you have to make demands. Unless your room is dirty, untidy or unsuitable for your needs being a gracious guest means you can enjoy your break without getting stressed. If you ask for room service or additional pillows etc. do allow staff sufficient time to fulfil your request before making further demands.

Most hotels make checkout quite easy notwithstanding if you booked the room online or at the hotel. As long as a guest does not see any discrepancies on the bill and doesn’t have any issues that they need to discuss with the front desk, most hotels allow them to leave their hotel keys inside their room and leave.

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