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Feb 5, 2018 | Love & Relationships

Get Her To Accept Your Proposal By Winning Her Confidence

Photo - credit shutterstock
Photo - credit shutterstock

1. Win Confidence by Removing Confusions
If you liked the girl you liked many times before, but she refuses it every time, it can mean that there is a dilemma about marriage in her mind. Maybe they think that somewhere, your love will not be reduced after marriage, will they love me even after marriage, and there may be many things that dilemma before marrying a girl Puts it. You have to overcome his confusion and give him the confidence that you are not as he is thinking and you can do it directly by not speaking at his mouth but by winning his trust.

2. Get help from any of your cousin or friends

You can take the help of a relative or friend to celebrate that girl, because it may be that when you propose her for marriage, she refuses, but after listening to your praise from the other, and hearing this The girl will not be able to refuse how much you love her. If you do this work through your kousin sister or any other female friend in your relative, then you will be in greater gains because a girl can understand and understand only a girl right away. This is going to be very useful for you, so try it out.

3. Spend more time with her
If you want to celebrate the girl you want to marry, first of all, you should feel comfortable wearing that girl for which you have to keep friendly nature with her and laugh with her so that the girl should understand you Could get the full chance. To spend time with him, take him to some place and talk freely with him. Try to attract him to your point so that he likes to meet you again or walk with you again. Be kind to behave with him that he can understand how much you care about him and you always think about him.

Preparing to Propose
1. Are you really ready for the wedding

Marriage is a very important process that changes your life completely. So if you are really thinking about marrying a girl, then first confirm that you both are ready for marriage. Do you understand each other right? Knowing the weaknesses and qualities of each other and knowing completely about each other, it is only right to take the marriage decision. Some other things are also important with you which tells you that you are completely in love, such as:

You do not feel like her boy
Do you try to spend more time with her
The day you do not see it, you are very upset
2. Choose the right ring
Before you propose her for marriage, take a nice ring before you. Please note that take the ring of his choice. It is very easy to guess this. Sometimes you may have heard from him the name of which ring he likes or you can also take help of a female friend to choose the ring.

3. Choose the right time
The most important time to propose for marriage is the right time. You should choose the right time to propose If you choose a time, then a little surprised for the girl. If you recently made a ring for him and took his size from his ring, then just wait a few days, because in his mind it will be those days that you are about to kill the proposition, then only take the ring size. If that girl is talking about marrying you, then avoid her. So that she felt that you are not interested in getting married now and when you ask her to marry him right away, she will be very surprised. Choosing a time is the most important time in which the girl is happy if the girl is going through stress or sad days, you can give her sympathy, but you can not propose.

4. Move from a good place to place
Whenever you are going to offer a marriage proposal to that girl, it is very important for you to choose a place from a good place. Select a place that is very beautiful, a garden full of flowers, a mountain peak or any other place. But you have to take care of one thing to propose in such a place where only you are both so that he gets an opportunity to take his own decision and he does not come under any kind of pressure.

5. The right way to ask
If everything is going well then the step which finally remains is the way to propose a girl. How do you propose that she feels well Be right in front of him and behave well. Tell him how much he counts in your life and after coming to him everything is going well with you and also say that you are very lucky for me. Then ask, “Will you marry me?” Or you can write it on any paper and give it to him. To make this proposal more romantic, you wear a t-shirt under the shirt on which it says “Will you marry me?”

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