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The Cryptocurrency Called Time!

By Kobina Ansah
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The bitcoin craze has hijacked the media waves for some time now. Though it may seem too good to be true, it tells how dynamic our fiscal world has become and the trend it may soon follow in the years to come. The world of cryptocurrencies has just been molded and it may only wax stronger and stronger.

It sounds amazing how such non-physical cash can mean so much to today’s world. Well, it points to the fact that wealth has not always been physical. True wealth is oftentimes not even seen. An example of such wealth is time.

Everyone is endowed with wealth which they oftentimes barely do see. Poverty is not necessarily the absence of money… but the absence of value for time. If you value the littlest of time, you’ll value the smallest of monies because time is money… and money is time. The more time one wastes in this life, the poorer they become. The idler your life becomes, the poorer it becomes!

Have a look at all the poor countries in the world over and how much value they place on time. Money can only be valuable where time is valuable. Wealth thrives in a soil called valuable time. The worth of money can only be seen where every tick of the clock is valued. You see, time management is not only key for personal development but national development, too.

Time today is the currency we can use to buy tomorrow. The man who has value for time will soon have wealth that can stand the test of time. Our lives can only be as productive as we make our time to be.

We must cherish every minute of our lives. Every bit of our day should be dedicated to an activity― an activity that may sooner or later feed our pockets with money. There should be no time of the day our lives should be left unattended to. How profitable our lives may ever be depends on how profitably we use our time. When we waste our time, we eventually leave our lives wasted.

A day, just like a year, is a measurement of time. Seconds soon become minutes and a lot more minutes soon make up a year. Time lost can’t be recycled. When we mismanage our seconds, we inadvertently mismanage our minutes… which eventually mismanage our day.

If we were to perceive time as money, most of us would have treated every second of our day as the best thing we ever had. If we had assumed that we lose a cedi at each second misused, we would have guarded our time with all of our lives. Indeed, time is money… and money is time!

How we value our seconds and minutes will tell how much value we place on the year. Thing is, all our dreams will come to naught if we undervalue time. No achievement was ever made without time. Time is the first asset everyone needs to make any move in life. You first need to appreciate time to appreciate the value of an achievement.

Anyone who abuses time will only end up abusing their own selves because every achievement begins with finding the value of time. Until we find its value, time can’t translate into money in our pockets.

The poor envy the rich when they have at their disposal a cryptocurrency called time to make every transaction they so desire. The poor and rich have time. The former only knows of its existence while the latter knows of its value. Wealth is only a product of time!

What really matters is the content of our time. Like every currency, one can use time to buy wasteful goods or profitable ones. One can spend every minute of their day on useless ventures while another spends it on what will yield good returns.

Mind you, both the rich and poor have the same time bequeathed them. However, at the end of each day, one is not able to account profitably for theirs. While one uses their time to create products to sell, the other uses theirs to buy those same products created. The rich create with their time. The poor buy with theirs!

At every point in time, each man should aim at creating a product/service the world’s market may need. Use your time to think solutions. The transition of poverty to riches is a transition from buying to selling… and it all begins with knowing how valuable time is. Every time you buy a product, know that it is a product of someone’s time. Time is money and money is time!

Each man is born with unseen wealth called time. It is their duty to manage this asset to be translated into money― it is their duty to churn this cryptocurrency into physical wealth. Time, like every commodity, has value. Our value on earth can only be as equal as the value we place on our time.

Don’t idle about in life. Don’t waste your time on unprofitable relationships. Manage your time. Value it. Think of every wasted time as wasted money and opportunities. When God wants to bless a man, He endows him with ideas. These ideas translate into wealth when he manages his time effectively.

If one spends their time judiciously, it goes without saying that they will spend their money same. One who makes budget for their time, makes budget for their money, too. Budget for your seconds. Budget for your days.

Time is a currency that can be traded for another currency. It will be a cryptocurrency traded for money… only if you understand its value. If your time is your money, your money will be your time!

The writer is a playwright and Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications (, an Accra-based writing company which provides all writing services.

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