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Dec 27, 2017 | Touch Of Thoughts

A Year Added Or A Year Subtracted? What Time (2018) Has For You

By Koby Rhema
A Year Added Or A Year Subtracted? What Time (2018) Has For You

There are several things that time, 2018 has for us. The major one is an opportunity. Everyday is an opportunity given to us by God to use our time profitably. Today God has given me an opportunity to celebrate my birth but just think of that friend of yours that passed away some months or years ago. You may realise (if you were close to the person), that he had aspirations and goals that he wanted to achieve. Today he/she is no more, hence (S)he does not have the opportunity to accomplish the dreams, why because his/her time is up.

What is Time up? Time up basically means, his period has ended or expired. Surprising, there are many alive who are acting as though their period have ended. You are just 40 or 50 and you are already giving up on life? Relax brother, some of the world's richest men, made it in life at an old age. The founder of KFC is a perfect example.

Let's look at this:
1. Time is life, there is no such thing as time in eternity. Time is meant for the living. There is no morning and evening after death, Once you die it's Time up - Assessment. You will be assessed based on what you used your time for. Some are going to cry infront of the Father, because they made a timely investment in sin. Time gives you an opportunity to repent. In as much as we talk of you making it in life, there is also the need for you to make it after life. You may spend your eternity in heaven or hell; Do not be deceived, Heaven and hell is more real than this earth. Spend time with your creator and change your ways.

2. Time offers us the opportunity to meet others. As we go on with our daily activities, we meet several people that we interact with and mingle with. Remember, not all those we meet in life are meant to stay in our lives forever. Some are like John the Baptist, they came to prepare a way for us; once they are done, they must go. Am not saying you will meet only good people, you will meet those who will betray you, those who will like to shift your focus from your dreams, those who will pull you down among others. This is why you have to use your time in building yourself up. Even if you try hard to shift a lion focus from its prey, you won't succeed. Once he wants to get it, he gets it. That is how he has been trained. Make yourself like that lion. Some good girls ended up being pregnant because their friends shifted their focus from the classroom. They started by making them miss their period for class and engaged in activities that led them to missing the period for menstruation.

Some ladies after 15years of marriage cannot give birth, because some 20years ago, some people they met suggested a means of getting rid of babies in their womb (abortion) and that has damaged the womb of that beautiful young lady.

3. Time offers us the opportunity to learn new things. Most of the things I know was not learnt from school. Don't get me wrong, school is good; it laid a solid foundation in getting me to know what I know today. But we must accept the challenge to learn new things; dont limit yourself to school knowledge. I saw a video on the 23rd of February, 2017 on our school system in Ghana.

The man, who looked very serious said, because of the hardships in the country he was thinking of something he learnt from school that can help him put food on his table. He then realised he was taught something in school called 'PIE R SQUARE' and he asked himself, how can that put food on his table? Funny as it looks, knowing that calculation or formula will cause you to succeed in class, but will it cause you to succeed in life?

Embrace new opportunities to learn, read wide, listen to tapes, research on proper informations and I believe 2018 will be a wonderful year.

4. Time offers us the opportunity to move forward. The only stop to your progress should be death. Every day of your life, should be better than yesterday. Improve yourself. Strive to achieve more; progress is key.

There are so many things in 2018 just for you, learn to discover several of them on your own and make the best out of it. On behalf of the Rhema Youth Foundation, I will like to wish you a Happy new year in advance and a Happy Birthday to myself.

Edmund Koby Kyei Baffour
Rhema Youth Foundation

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