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Address Main Street
Postcode 400614
City Mumbai
Country India
Telephone: 8686454502
Mobile: 8452859694
Email: Akshaynair9192 @ gmail . com
Description: Welfarelabs is the Best Healthcare Center which is been Located in Mumbai, India.
We Mostly provide the Services of Health checkup at your Door Steps with Reasonable Price and more on the Discounts. You will always get the Offers on the Checkup of Whole Body Checkup, Thyroid Checkup, Diet Checkup, Blood Checkup, Diabetes Checkup, Women Health Checkup, Child Care Checkup Etc. You can be able to To Trust on us because we are FDA and WHO approved healthcare Center and Our Moto is 'Be Healthy Be Happy' And we always make the User the First Priority.


Address G- 77 Express Zone, Western Express Highway, Malad
Postcode 400063
City Mumbai
Country India
Telephone: 9890094942
Mobile: 9890094942
Email: newworldnutrition72 @ gmail . com
Description: Newworldnutrition supplement company in America has offered bodybuilders a more diverse array of products, services, and value effective physique transformation begins and ends with proper training, diet and superior supplementation Buy Nutrition Supplements in Goregaon effective physique transformation begins and ends with proper training, diet and superior supplementation,

Safeabortionpillrx online Pharmacy Store

Address Rose Street
Postcode 60523
City Illinois
Country United Kingdom
Telephone: 3018958184
Mobile: 3018958184
Description: Buy Plan B online an emergency contraceptive pill.
Buy Plan B online at for effectively preventing pregnancy within 72 hours of unprotected sexual intercourse. This emergency contraceptive pill works to stop fertilization/implantation thus preventing an unplanned pregnancy.
It is highly safe and also has secondary health benefits too. Plan B one step is thus recommended for any case of unprotected intercourse or family planning sessions. Plan B one step is also known as the Morning After Pill. Although the name states so, it is not advised that one waits until morning to consume it. It is to be consumed orally and the dose involves one pill quickly after the unprotected session. Every pill contains 1.5 mg (milligrams) of levonorgestrel and this solution is used in many Birth Control Pills (BCPs) but in a lower dose.

Simart Pharma Limited

Address 39/2 Paa Grant Street, Community 10, Tema
Postcode +233
City Tema
Country Ghana
Telephone: 0249558197
Mobile: 0249558197
Email: simartpharma @ yahoo . com
Description: We deal in pharmaceuticals and provide first aid services, first aid kits, occupational health and safety consultancy.

Address Mülhauserstrasse 2 3280 Berlin
Postcode 55576
City Berlin
Country Germany
Telephone: 0300344823
Mobile: 07723883114
Email: johnbrown3202 @ gmail . com
Description: Kamagra Heilmittel für die Behandlung der sexuellen Unfähigkeit. Die Zubereitung ist in Tablettenform, aber auch als Gelee erhältlich, was die Anwendung erheblich vereinfacht. die besteht aus, dass in der Regel verwendet, um männliche keine Notwendigkeit, über erektile Dysfunktion Sorgen machen deshalb ist es nur mit einem Spezialisten ausgestattet Lösung. Es bietet beste Gesundheitsdienstleistungen für Kunden in Bezug auf Impotenz Lösung bei sehr niedrigen Kosten und minimale Zeit

HongKong Bonice Technology Co.,Limited

Address No.2 Building, No.1018 Lane, Luxiang Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai 201907 China
Postcode 201907
City Shanghai
Country China
Telephone: 0086 21 33250390
Mobile: 0086 15900478254
Fax: 0086 21 33250390
Email: gloriage @ bonicetech . com
Description: Our major products are disposable gloves. We are also the professional suppliers of the disposable finger cots ,face masks, microfiber wipers, surgical gown, bouffant caps, shoes covers, syringes,biohazard boxes,medical container, gauze roll,cotton roll, clinical thermometer,condom catheter,blood bag,urine bag,body bag, vacutainers,saline solution,hoptital beds,anti-static clothing and the other products in the electronic factory, semiconductor industry, cleanroom,biotechnology, laboratory,pharmaceutical factory, food industry, clinic or in the hospital.
Please feel free to send us enquires if you have any interest of our products, I will give our fast response upon receipt of your detailed requirements.


Address Accra
Postcode 00233
City Accra
Country Ghana
Telephone: 0262347219
Mobile: 0578443625
Email: groupasiamah @ gmail . com
Description: We have set of natural products in a package that basically has a powerful libido enhancer which boost your sexual drive as well as fertility and men who have suffered from impotency for a long time.

The products has the most powerful erectile function that gives you a long lasting erection enabling you to produce harder and longer to reach the satisfaction of both sexual intercouse.

It contains L-Arginine that promotes a healthy blood flow through the blood vessels,heart and the sex organ enabling it to stay stronger and harder increasing your sexual arousal as well.

It morever helps to produce the most quality and quantity of sperm mobility whiles increasing energy level,stamina,endurance and eliminating fatigue.

Making you look younger and younger because of its anti-ageing properties.

The package goes for Ghc500.00 and a minimum selection from the package for Ghc200.00 only.

We have a three story office at Nkrumah Circle near the Ghana Commercial Bank.
We open on week days from 8;00am-6;00pm and
on saturday 8;00am-2;00pm.


Inspiron Health

Address Korle Bu Adu St, Accra, Ghana
City Accra
Country Ghana
Telephone: 234263481528
Email: contact @ inspironhealth . com
Description: deals with healthcare products from GNLD now know as Neolife. Healthcare products like; Tre-en-en, carotenoid complex, omega 3 Salmon Oil Plus, pro vitality, formula iv, Gr control used for weight control, vitamin c, b, and e, beta guard, phytodefence, cal-mag, multi fiber blend used for digestion, herbal digestive complex, heart health suppliments, antioxidant creams, moisturize, facial cleanse and refining tones, shower gel, hand and body lotion.

Glass Agencies

Address 5309, Anaj mandi, Grain market, Nr. B D High School
Postcode 133001
City Ambala Cantt
Country India
Telephone: +911712633027
Mobile: +919896807858
Fax: +911712640566
Email: glassagencies @ gmail . com
Description: Glass Agencies, Ambala Cantt, INDIA are manufacturer of all type of Ophthalmic Instruments. Our EROSE Ophthalmic Instruments are 90D Aspheric Lens, Snellen Chart, 78 D Aspheric Lens, Otoscope, 20D Aspheric Lens, Ishihara Book 38 Plates, 28 D Aspheric Lens, Bronchoscope, Four Mirror Gonioscope, Lensometer Cross Carona, Three Mirror Gonioscope, ENT Head light with LED, Two Mirror Gonioscope, Artificial Prosthetic Eye, Black Artificial Eye, Brown Artificial Eye, Green Artificial Eye, Blue Artificial Eye, Streak Retinoscope, Ishihara Book 14 Pages, RAF rule, Schiotz Tonometer, Prism Bar vertical Horizontal, Fibre optic Laryngoscope, Irrigation Aspiration Handpiece Phaco, Epinucleus Aspirator Probe, Intraocular Magnet for Ophthalmic, Vitrectomy Irrigating Lens Set, Capsulotomy Lens YAG Laser, Vitrectomy Lens Set, Iridectomy Lens YAG Laser, CAM Low Vision Stimulator, Ophthalmoscope, Slit Lamp three step, Slit Lamp five step, Slit Lamp Haag Streit type, Slit Lamp zeiss type, Beam splitter with C mount, Power Supply for Slit lamp, ENT Microscope three step, ENT Microscope five Step, Surgical Microscope Three Step, Surgical Microscope Five Step, Operating Microscope Three Step, Operating Microscope Five tep, Surgical Microscope Cold Light, Surgical Microscope Wall Mounted, Surgical Microscope Portable, Synoptophore, Trial Lens Kit, Binocular Loupe, Welch Allyn iExaminer Adopter, ENT Surgical Microscope, Indirect Ophthalmoscope, Sigmoidoscope, Fibre optic Cable, Esophagoscope, Fibre Optic Light Source, Panoptic Ophthalmoscope welch allyn, LED ENT Light, Chest Support Laryngoscope, Snellen LED Chart, Bronchoscope Rigid Set.

Aragen Bioscience Inc

Address 380 Woodview Ave.
Postcode 95037
City Morgan Hill
Country United States
Telephone: 408-779-1700
Fax: 408-779-1711
Email: info @ aragenbio . com
Description: Aragen Bioscience offers cell line development, protein expression and purification, molecular biology, cell biology immunology, and diverse in vivo services to the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Our corporate offices and in vitro laboratories are located in Morgan Hill, California at the south end of Silicon Valley. Aragen and its predecessor, Sierra BioSource, have been operating in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1993.The research experts at Aragen Bioscience have extensive industrial biotechnology experience for your application. Aragen Bioscience services are highly collaborative, well-documented and timely; giving you control over the entire process. Our customer dedicated research teams ensure your project gets the attention and focus that will lead to success.


Postcode +233
Country Ghana
Telephone: 0264406437
Mobile: 0570103992
Email: ernestagudetse @ yahoo . com

Izzy Heritage

Address Behind ASN Medina
City Accra
Country Ghana
Telephone: 0547005651
Mobile: 0547005651
We are seeking reputable and well established Wholesalers and Distributors that have passion for baby care products to buy and sell our Baby Diapers in all major cities and towns. Our product is a known brand in Accra, made from 100% cotton material and packed attractively in Small, Medium, Large and Jumbo sizes.
The product is registered and approved by Authorised Government Agencies in Ghana. Our price is competitive and guarantees you 100% customer satisfaction and a good profit. This is a great opportunity to gain distributorship right for one of the finest fast moving baby diapers on the market today.
Place your order before 10th June 2016 and receive FREE DELIVERY ON YOUR FIRST 3 ORDERS + 5% DISCOUNT. Minimum order applies.
Please contact Mrs. Elizabeth Dzidzor, General Manager: 0547005651 for more information or visit our Show Room near ACCRA PRESEC, LEGON

TUD Sdn Bhd

Address 49-1, jalan temenggung 9/9, Bandar Mahkota Cheras
Postcode 43200
City cheras
Country Malaysia
Telephone: 60390190331
Mobile: 60390190331
Fax: 60390190331
Email: enquiry @ tud . my
Description: TUD SDN. BHD. (TUD) is one of the leading blood collection tube (medical device) supplier & Manufacturer in Global. Established in 2008, the company had shown significant business growth in Malaysia and has since grown to a responsible and independent Malaysian company to further enhancing quality of life for all. Being certified and part of The National Mark of Malaysian Brand since 2011.


Country Ghana
Telephone: 0276994225
Mobile: 0276994225
Email: emma2mlm @ gmail . com
Description: Greenlife is a global direct selling company owned by China Greenlife Group. It was founded in 1988, and it started direct sales in 1998. It is mainly focused on manufacture, distribution of herbal, especially transitional Chinese herbal products and other commodities through direct sales marketing. The vision and determination of the Chairman, Prof. Lin Hu is to take the traditional Chinese medicine and its treasure to everybody, everywhere.

Greenlife has established a world-class research and development center in Kunming China. All researchers are from top Chinese medicine Colleges and universities in China and also the center has links with many other institutions in Singapore, USA and Japan. Greenlife also has specialists from Science Academy of China and South China Medical University as consultants.

Its manufacture center is located in Guangdong. All the factories are GMP certificated. They all have been equipped with the most advanced facility & machines. Well built standards and processing procedures are monitored and all steps are traceable. Greenlife has the best raw material sources and Quanlity Control system. In Shannxi, it has a Danshen Plantation. In Jilin, it has a base and laboratory which secure the best source of Ginseng. In Yunnan it has its own bees raising center. Each product has its own SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) standard, as well as national wide GMP standard and international HACCP methods.

That leads to that all products are well known in China. Because of its outstanding effectiveness, Greenlife has been developing at an amazing speed, since from 1988 a China local company up to now a multinational group.

Air Filter ---Personal Air Purification
Aloevera Capsule---Constipaton, Obesity, Pimples & Anti-aging
Anticol---influenza & Cold
Anti-Rad Stickers---Far away from Radiation
Arthro Power Capsule---Universal Pain Killer
Ashcure---Cough & Asthma
B-Care Tablet (Stressfree)---Stroke, Heart Disease & Blood Circulation
Booster Healthy Drink---For a stronger immune system
Camo Pill---Tumor, Stasis, Breast Cancer, Enlarged Liver or Spleen
Chinese Royal Tea---Healthier Drink with Multiple Actions
Chitomeal Pills---Dampness & Gastritis
Danshen Plus---Heart Disease (Treatment)
Detoxin Tablet---Toxic Heat
Dial B---Diabetes
Double Ginseng---Energy & Blood Circulation
D-Regulator---Heart Disease (Quick Action)
Family Water Treatment System---Drinking Healthily
Female Cleanser---Vaginal Infection & Skin Health Guard
F-Qui Tablet---Blood Tonic & Women''s Pain
G Herbal Sop---Healthier Skin
Glutrins---Diabetes, Tonic for basic vigor element
G Phones---Unique Connection
Healthy life Mat ---Green and Healthy Life starts from Feet
Heam Pills---Bleeding Piles
Herbal Liquid---Body Massage
Honeysuckle Syrup---Refreshing drink to prevent toxic heat
I-Clear---Universal Eye Problem
Kidney Care----Waist Pain & Kidney Weakness
Kordy Capsule---Diarrhea
Men Formula Pills---Low Sperm Count & Infertility
Mother Plus Tea---After-Birth healthcare
Phoenix—Reproductive system repair
Pidcare---Pelvic & Vaginal healthcare
Prostasure Tablet---Prostate Enlargement
Red Peony Capsule—Fibroid, Stasis & Uterine Bleeding
Relaxing Pills---Anxiety & Depression
Shade Kit Capsule---Weight Losing
Spinsure Pills---Arthritis, Numbness & Pain
Spinsure Tablets---Spondylosis
ST Pills---Stroke & Brain Damage
Vigo Capsule---Sexual Weakness (Quick Action)
Women Formula II---Infertility & Menstrual Disorder
Women Formula---Sexual Weakness (Treatment)

e-wise limited

Address P. O. Box DS 182,
City Accra
Country Ghana
Telephone: +233509339535
Mobile: +233509339535 +233279696763
Email: e-wise @ outlook . com
Description: Design, installation and service maintenance of medical gas systems.

Installation and service maintenance of ultrasound machines, ECG, anaesthesia machines, x-ray machines, patient monitors and other biomedical equipment.

Climate and climate change advice.

Environmental and social baseline surveys.

Environmental education and social research.

Facilitation of community development projects.

Environmental and social advocacy programmes


City kumasi
Country Ghana
Telephone: 0205212212
Mobile: 0205212212
Description: Are you having problem with your weight, or do u want to reduce weight, gain weight or flatting your tammy without any side effects.
Then call me on 0205212212 to help you

Birlamedisoft Pvt Ltd

Address 111,411, Gulmohar Centre Point, Pune Nagar Road, Near Vibhute Hospital, Opp. Kothari Wheels Maruti Showroom, Pune 411014, INDIA.
City Oune
Country India
Telephone: 919021156156
Description: Birlamedisoft Hospital management system software (HIMS) Provides, LIMS - Lab Information management system Modules Free Online DEMO for Multispecialty Hospitals in INDIA, USA, UK And Healthcare software Support IN 24/7

MassiveProve (FLP)

Address Near Mr. Biggs Restaurant Kwame Nkrumah Circle
Accra, Ghana
Postcode 233
City accra
Country Ghana
Telephone: 0240738238
Mobile: 0240738238
Email: kingapogee1 @ gmail . com
Description: A Human Resource And Advertising Company Draws The Attention Of The General Public On Its Sponsorship In Training People To Work On Part-time.

POLY Medical and Rehabilitation Products Factory

Address Guicheng Town, Dingdu District, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, China
Postcode 526070
City Zhaoqing
Country China
Telephone: 86 20 84383190
Mobile: 86013694214950
Fax: 86 20 84383190
Email: lindalianggz @ gmail . com
Description: We are factory specialized in wheelchair, mobility scooter, commode chair, bath bench, rollator, walker, walking aids, hospital bed, hospital furniture, hearing aid, etc. please visit 3w.poly-medical dot com for more.

Address Global
City Layton
Country United States
Telephone: Skype: EPXbody
Description: We Pay you $500.00 USD to get healthy!


Country United Kingdom
Telephone: +448451547838
Email: info @ novexmedical . co . uk
Description: NOVEX MEDICAL offers advanced PC-based cardio diagnostic devices, such as ECG monitors, Stress ECG and BP monitors for affordable price with long warranty and excellent technical and customer support.

Forever living Product Ghana

Address Kwame Nkrumah Circle
Accra, Ghana
City Greater Accra
Country Ghana
Telephone: 0207 471 625
Email: tsotsoomaku @ gmail . com
Description: Let aloe surprise you as it:
* Cleanses and supports your digestive system
* Infuses you with energy
* Hydrates your skin
* Soothes and promotes skin renewal
* Supports your immune system
* And so much more

Forever Living Products offers you a complete line of nurturing products based on 100% pure aloe Vera gel. Harvested by hand from our own plantations and immediately stabilized for purity, our aloe enhances your body—inside and out—with products ranging from age-defying facial treatments to delicious, antioxidant rich drinks.

we also have our pure bee products good for enhancing your skin.

Forever living Product Ghana

Address Kwame Nkrumah Circle
Accra, Ghana
City Accra
Country Ghana
Telephone: 0207 471 625
Email: tsotsoomaku @ gmail . com
Description: Let aloe surprise you as it:
* Cleanses and supports your digestive system
* Infuses you with energy
* Hydrates your skin
* Soothes and promotes skin renewal
* Supports your immune system
* And so much more

Forever Living Products offers you a complete line of nurturing products based on 100% pure aloe Vera gel. Harvested by hand from our own plantations and immediately stabilized for purity, our aloe enhances your body—inside and out—with products ranging from age-defying facial treatments to delicious, antioxidant rich drinks.


Address P O Box 318, Akosombo
Postcode +233
City Accra
Country Ghana
Telephone: +2336681592
Mobile: 054 1054 497
Email: hamilna @ yahoo . com
Description: Build your own business with our products and earn unlimited. Our marketing plan is designed to help everyone achieve their financial goals. Whether you desire a part-time extra income or a full-time unlimited income; whether you want to develop an international business or something local, the marketing plan is the perfect vehicle to get you where you want to be.
Income is generated in ten different ways.

Organo Gold Ghana

Address CT 301 Cantonments-Accra
Postcode 0302
City Accra
Country Ghana
Telephone: 0302-502871
Mobile: +233-246-993577
Email: info @ organogoldghana . com
Description: Organo Gold Ghana Limited was established with the purpose of joining hands with the Organo Gold global family that is growing and thriving every day. A family that is caring, compassionate and believes that the knowledge of Ganoderma should be in the hands of people world-wide. It''s a family that cares about you enough to pay you for every cup of coffee you take.

DNA Centre Ghana

Address 30 Independence Avenue
City Accra
Country Ghana
Telephone: 0302-921023
Email: info @ dnacentre . org
Description: Accredited provider of DNA testing services in Ghana.

Health and beauty shop

Address Ashaley Botwe
Postcode 1146
City accra
Country Ghana
Telephone: 0541518550
Mobile: 0273200648
Email: productshealthy @ yahoo . com
Description: Distributor of health products.
beverages,food supplement,health equipments,and beauty products.

Natural Enlargement & Enhancements Review

Address Web-Based
City Web-Based
Country United Kingdom
Telephone: 07766666666
Description: An honest review for natural enhancements programs, products and services. Weight loss, Skin care, and aother natural enhancements products for females and males.

Natural Enlargement & Enhancements Review

Address Web-Based
City Web-Based
Country United Kingdom
Telephone: 07766666666
Description: An honest review for natural enhancements programs, products and services. Weight loss, Skin care, and aother natural enhancements products for females and males.

Gaylord Phrarma Systems

Address 107 ACME Industrial Park, Nr.WE Highway
Goregaon E,
Postcode 400063
City Mumbai
Country India
Telephone: +9122028685341
Email: gaylord @ bom8 . vsnl . net . in

We feel immense pleasure in presenting this brief profile before you.
Gaylord started its operations two decades ago. Form conceptualization to commissioning, our activities touch upon all the aspects of Pharmaceutical manufacturing. For tablets, capsules, liquids, ointments, APIs, Chemical or food processing industry, we provide comprehensive manufacturing solutions.


We are totally user oriented.

Our customer knows the best.

We have manufacturing facilities in and around Mumbai admeasuring more than 30,000 sq. ft. catering to the needs of design, fabrication, trials and testing.

Our teams of engineers are engaged in designing, manufacturing and taking care of the good health of equipments at clients premises. Not only this, but also to meet the exacting demands of today s industry, they are provided with state-of-the art manufacturing facility equipped with instruments and machineries to achieve the highest levels accuracy and precision.

We have been exporting to various countries around the globe.

We look forward to a long, fruitful and mutually beneficial association.


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By: Amegah W. quot-img-1