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FIFA 2010

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™

The Spanish celebrating after lifting the trophy

World Cup 2010: Spanish fire quells Dutch Courage

E.Sports Executive Producer and Anchor, Yaw Ampofo-Ankrah was among the 84,100 crowd that witnessed the 2010 Fifa World Cup Final between Holland and Spain and shares his thoughts on a recor ...

Yaw Ampofo Ankrah

SA 2010 as a matter of interesting facts

E.Sports Executive Producer and Anchor, Yaw Ampofo-Ankrah, is in South Africa for the just ended 2010 Fifa World Cup won by Spain. He examines the role that facts and statistics played in So ...

Casillas and his team mates lift aloft the World Cup in wild jubilation

Spain lift Africa's World Cup

A well struck screamer by Iniesta ensured that Spain wipe off the tag of perennial under achievers to win their first ever World Cup, beating a plucky Netherlands side in extra time. It w ...

Nelson Mandela attended the ceremony with his wife, Graca Machel

Mandela attends World Cup closing ceremony

Nelson Mandela has enjoyed a thunderous greeting from thousands of fans at the World Cup closing ceremony. The former South African president flashed his famous smile as he was driven acr ...

Soccer World Cup: Congratulations to South Africa!

Soccer World Cup: Congratulations to South Africa!

And so, the Ogoni Children Cultural and Fundamental Rights Council (OCAFAC USA), congratulates South Africa. We're obligated to sending this message to the once badly locked country, which interperson ...

Full Time: Netherlands 0-1 Spain

Full Time: Netherlands 0-1 Spain

Spain are World Champions. 120' The final whistle goes for the end of the final. 116' Iniesta breaches an offside position and blasts the ball into the net for the much needed opener. GOAL!!! GO ...

A native coach more likely to win Africa’s first FIFA World Cup trophy

A native coach more likely to win Africa’s first FIFA World Cup trophy

The curtain on South Africa 2010 has been successfully lowered and the Brazil 2014 logo duly unveiled. Without an iota of doubt the Ghana Black Stars gave very good account of our participation in the ...

Round of 16 (Knockout Matches)

6/26/2010 UY.pngURY 2-1 KR.pngKOR
6/26/2010 US.pngUSA 1-2 GH.pngGHA
6/27/2010 DE.pngDEU 4-1 GB.pngGBR
6/27/2010 AR.pngARG 3-1 MX.pngMEX
6/28/2010 NL.pngNLD 2-1 SV.pngSVK
6/28/2010 BR.pngBRA 3-0 CL.pngCHL
6/29/2010 PY.pngPRY 0-0 JP.pngJPN
6/29/2010 ES.pngESP 1-0 PT.pngPRT

Quarter-finals (Knockout Matches)

7/2/2010 NL.pngNLD 2-1 BR.pngBRA
7/2/2010 UY.pngURY 1-1 GH.pngGHA
7/3/2010 AR.pngARG 0-4 DE.pngDEU
7/3/2010 PY.pngPRY 0-1 ES.pngESP

Semi-finals (Knockout Matches)

7/6/2010 UY.pngURY 2-3 NL.pngNLD
7/7/2010 DE.pngDEU 0-1 ES.pngESP

Third place (Knockout Matches)

7/10/2010 UY.pngURY 2-3 DE.pngDEU

Final (Knockout Matches)

7/11/2010 NL.pngNLD 0-1 ES.pngESP