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FIFA 2010

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™

Praying for a move? Anelka                                                                                             World Cup 2010: Anelka reveals depth of French tensions

World Cup 2010: Anelka reveals depth of French tensions

Nicolas Anelka has said the France squad was united in their decision not to train after he was sent home from the World Cup in disgrace. The Chelsea striker, who described the atmosphere within th ...

In living colour: South Africa 2010 was the Rainbow World Cup. 

Images and colours of South Africa 2010

The English media will never let the world forget the visual, which the officiating referee missed, of Diego Maradona's infamous 'hand of God' goal which he scored against England. They w ...

Some members of the Black Stars at trainning during the South Africa 2010 World Cup

Stars soar in rankings

By: Kofi Owusu Aduonum Some members of the Black Stars at trainning during the South Africa 2010 World Cup A quarter-final finish at the World Cup has culminated in Ghana gaining nine places in ...

Octopus Paul

Octopus Paul to retire

With Kofi Owusu Aduonum Octopus Paul Paul the octopus, who became a pop culture sensation by correctly predicting the outcome of as many World Cup matches as he has legs — all seven of Germany's g ...

President Mills' poster celebrating the Black Stars

Poster from President Mills: Ayekoo Black Stars!!!

The Office of President Mills has released a poster of him congratulating the Black Stars for their bold campaign in the World Cup in South Africa, where there exited at the quarter final st ...

Octopus Fires Spain To Glory

Octopus Fires Spain To Glory

For the umpteenth time, the prediction of Paul the psychic octopus has come to pass, as Spain whipped the Netherlands 1-0 to win the 19th FIFA World Cup in South Africa. To intense media interest ...

The Spanish celebrating after lifting the trophy

World Cup 2010: Spanish fire quells Dutch Courage

E.Sports Executive Producer and Anchor, Yaw Ampofo-Ankrah was among the 84,100 crowd that witnessed the 2010 Fifa World Cup Final between Holland and Spain and shares his thoughts on a recor ...

Round of 16 (Knockout Matches)

6/26/2010 UY.pngURY 2-1 KR.pngKOR
6/26/2010 US.pngUSA 1-2 GH.pngGHA
6/27/2010 DE.pngDEU 4-1 GB.pngGBR
6/27/2010 AR.pngARG 3-1 MX.pngMEX
6/28/2010 NL.pngNLD 2-1 SV.pngSVK
6/28/2010 BR.pngBRA 3-0 CL.pngCHL
6/29/2010 PY.pngPRY 0-0 JP.pngJPN
6/29/2010 ES.pngESP 1-0 PT.pngPRT

Quarter-finals (Knockout Matches)

7/2/2010 NL.pngNLD 2-1 BR.pngBRA
7/2/2010 UY.pngURY 1-1 GH.pngGHA
7/3/2010 AR.pngARG 0-4 DE.pngDEU
7/3/2010 PY.pngPRY 0-1 ES.pngESP

Semi-finals (Knockout Matches)

7/6/2010 UY.pngURY 2-3 NL.pngNLD
7/7/2010 DE.pngDEU 0-1 ES.pngESP

Third place (Knockout Matches)

7/10/2010 UY.pngURY 2-3 DE.pngDEU

Final (Knockout Matches)

7/11/2010 NL.pngNLD 0-1 ES.pngESP