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Modern Ghana Quotes

quot-img-1Disappointments were not meant to destroy me They were meant to strengthen me & to give me fortitude to accomplish me my God-given destiny

By: akoAso HH GER quot-img-1

quot-img-1Good things come to those who believe , better things come to those who are patient and the best things come to those who dont give up.

By: akoAso HH GER quot-img-1


By: akoAso HH GER quot-img-1

quot-img-1being yourself is better than pretending to be what you are not

By: Jojo B quot-img-1

quot-img-1every king is a king no matter the size of his kingdom

By: jojo B quot-img-1

quot-img-1you can not stepable the ntowe(balls) of a fool twice

By: jojo ba quot-img-1

quot-img-1Who we are, is not determined by what we do, rather what we do determines who we are to men and time.

By: Okee Godspower quot-img-1

quot-img-1The silence of a maltreated people is not a sign of their weakness but that they have not reached the wall and point to obey Newtons third law. Treat men with Fairness.

By: Okee Godspower quot-img-1

quot-img-1Ghana should create a square-zone in its capital city where commercial buildings or offices should meet a specified height. This will enhance and beautify the city of Accra.

By: Desmond Ayim-Aboagye quot-img-1

quot-img-1The free SHS has come to stay; there is no need to look for its success or failure, but to guard and protect it.

By: Desmond Ayim-Aboagye quot-img-1

quot-img-1"knowledge draws an end of becoming more successful at point where we seek to experiment the facts."

By: Boaz Akude quot-img-1

quot-img-1Greed is a rot... as putrid as you show it

By: Daniel Lee Darko quot-img-1

quot-img-1When you finally become a butterfly, don't look down on the caterpillar next to you

By: Thabo Makhobotloane quot-img-1

quot-img-1Life sucks, and then you die

By: Gudlucsam quot-img-1

quot-img-1rather u than me ..god bless the real...

By: lamkissfelix quot-img-1

quot-img-1No matter what, you can't make a riding-horse out of a donkey...Beer is Beer and Schnapps is Schnapps.

By: Francis Tawiah (Duis quot-img-1

quot-img-1If even you own the highest throne, you will still have to sit on it with your own ass.

By: Francis Tawiah(Duisb quot-img-1

quot-img-1" i eat fucking ass dawg. "

By: YEEZY NIGGER 700 quot-img-1

quot-img-1Better the end of a horror than a horror without end

By: Francis Tawiah (Duis quot-img-1

quot-img-1Brown eyes look dangerous but honest in love

By: Francis Tawiah (Duis quot-img-1

quot-img-1Drunks and Kids normally speak the truth

By: Francis Tawiah(Duisb quot-img-1

quot-img-1Sometimes, the best way to protect the people you love is the walk away from them.

By: |Analimbey, Adobe-Ra quot-img-1