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Welcome to Schools In Ghana Foundation!
Schools In Ghana Foundation provides free Web pages with detailed information about schools or educational institutions found in Ghana. Information used in designing the Web page is extracted from completed questionnaires submitted by authorities of the schools concerned, either through the mail or through an online form. When details provided through the questionnaires are found to be complete and accurate, Web pages are designed to reflect that on our Web site. Schools In Ghana foundation also has experts who train and help people to improve on their skills and undertake research in IT/ICT related solutions.
Furthermore, Schools In Ghana Foundation has the manpower and resources to coordinate between donors of IT/ICT equipments and other educational materials and the recipients of such items.
Questionnaires can be printed from this website, completed or have it completed by a school or institution authority and sent to us via mail.Our mailing address:

The Director,
Schools In Ghana Foundation,
P.O.BOX OS 2452, Osu-Accra

The online version of the questionnaire will be made available soon.

Non-Governmental Organization
Alive Foundation seeks to work to improve the educational and socio-economic condition of the underpriviged in the Ghanaian society.

Twi Made Easy
You re busy. You don t have time to take a Twi class. You re in luck, you ve come to the right place! We re here to help millions of people learn to speak Twi, at their own pace, in the comfort of their own homes. With our unique product you no longer require tedious translation nor gruelling grammer drills. All you need is a PC or laptop to be on your way.

This NEW interactive CD provides you with instant feedback, vivid images and sounds to make your learning fun.

Learn to speak the most popular language of Ghana, Twi. Get your Interactive Twi CD for Beginners now.

Skoola is an all in one Social Networking and Educational site for students, educationists and scholars.


The Islands Historia De Amor. The English book of poems.
The Islands Historia De Amor The New English book is a collection of poems of sundry themes.

Poetry enthusiasts and book fanatics are in for a new poetic read as poet-author Abdul Haye Amin presents “The Islands Historia De Amor”. Released through Xlibris, this book contains a number of poems that will amuse and entertain readers.

Excellent Tuition Service
Welcome to Excellent Tuition Service. We have a vision for enhancing your personal development through effective home tuition service design for children, student and adult. With us, you would experience an open communication between student and tutor and a superior customer service.
Our professional Tutors are ready to offer door to door tuition service for all your personal and academic needs. Unique Articles and books are periodically supplied to empower you through knowledge of research basics. E-books designed for student, parent and anyone who is interested in improving his/her analytical skills through learning is also available for use.
Register with us and you would be glad you did. Visit us at



EMAIL:[email protected]

Private French teacher
Are you interested in learning French? Get a private tutor and learn in the comfort of your home at an affordable cost. Visit our website for more information today!

Studying In Ukraine - Europe
An education consulting firm that help students acquire higher education in Ukraine, Europe.

Excellent Home Tuition
We Offer One on One Tuition for students at all Level both local and international needs.

WhiteBridge Edu. Serv. - Private Home Tuition
Finding a good tutoring service is not always easy, especially one that is ready to go the extra mile to get the best result and desired impact. Our select clientele receive personal service, with discretion and confidentiality guaranteed. We do not just provide the best tutors; we also invest a lot of time and money in developing the latest content and teaching approach in e-learning to stimulate students'' visual sense in order to improve their understanding of abstract subjects. Apart from impacting knowledge, our tutoring services focus on building student''s confidence, learning skills and enthusiasm. Our greatest priority is to provide the highest quality service that gives the student that extra ''push''.

We offer a range of tutoring options to cater for your particular needs. From long-term tuition to complement school studies to improving studies skills and examination technique and preparation. We also have early-starter program to prepare young kids who are about to start school.

We offer classes for people who are about to take the IELTS Exams, both Academic and General. With the experience, qualify teachers and approve materials, your pass is Guarantee.

Excellent Tuition Service
We offer you One on One customize lessons specially design to meet your specific needs.Join us NOW and you would be glad you did.

Excellent Home Tuition
“Excellent Home Tuition " offers a quality personal tutor at a very reasonable cost in all major cities across Ghana.
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Welcome, Parents!
Do you have a child who needs a little extra help with schoolwork? Or do you want your child to get ahead of the learning curve? If you want your child to catch up or get ahead, give SusXTutors a call!

Free WAEC Past Questions & Answers
Get free WAEC BECE and WASSCE past questions for various subjects and years. More available on request.

Events Decorating Academy
The Events Decorating Academy is the educational facility dedicated to preparing young people for their success in the international world of Decorating Vocation.

We have taken to heart the revolutionary spirit that founded our Academy and encourage each other to pursue unpredicted lines of thinking in order to effect change on local and international scales.

We welcome Junior and Senior high school graduates, matured and professionals from any country to join us in the study of Events management business and Interior design & decorating career.

Omesol - Engineering, Management, Finance & Training Solutions Provider offers training courses like ASPEN HYSYS, Process Simulation & Modeling, Process Design, Piping Design, P&ID – PFD Development, AutoCAD 2D & 3D and many others.

Omesol - Engineering, Management, Finance & Training Solutions Provider offers training courses like ASPEN HYSYS, Process Simulation & Modeling, Process Design, Piping Design, P&ID – PFD Development, AutoCAD 2D & 3D and many others.

Free Quality Educational Resources and More
We provide good reading materials from the best publishers for your educational, personal and business development. And yes, there''s more to enjoy

Weston Learning Center
Weston is an educational agency that provides on-on-one, in-home, in-center, individualized services to individuals and corporations. Weston provides assistance to all age groups and all grade/academic levels. Weston goal is to assist individuals reach their highest potential.

Weston also provides study skills training, Workshops, Camps and other educational enhancements as well as training for employees in corporations.

Our goal is to provide a first class educational service in Ghana. Our clients range from students of all age groups and educational levels to educational institutions and corporations.

Study In China (MBBS & Pharmacy)
We help student gain admission into Chinese Universities

Home Tuition For Students
Best Start Tutoring Services is a private tutoring firm in Accra. We provide door to door tuition on various subjects to our cherished students. Our workforce consists of highly motivated tutors and educationists who work around the clock to ensure success of our students. We tutor students at the elementary,middle and secondary level.Also we offer free guidance and counseling services to our students on matters affecting their academic and social lives. We prepare students for the following examinations: BECE, WASSCE, IB , IGCSE and A Level. With us your ward can say Rest In Peace to Maths,Physics,Economics and the others in no time

First Flight Consult is a leading students and education consultancy in Ghana. We are directly affiliated to the Centre For International Career Development in the United State of America and other partners.
We provide challenging and comprehensive packages to meet the needs of the fast developing world.
Our Students are unique in their services world wide.Over the years our success has been our pride.Our professionalism is distinct.Our Customer services and relation is our great advertising tool.We value every customer. We have passion for success.
Our Students are unique in their services world wide.
Over the years our success has been our pride.Our professionalism is distinct.Our Customer services and relation is our great advertising tool.

We undertake the following:

1. Student Visa application

2. Ticketing and reservation

3. International examination tuition

GepBuster, Inc.
GapBuster, Inc. AKA GapBuster Learning Center (GBLC) is an educational program dedicated to promoting higher levels of achievement and closing the performance gap of students by enriching and supplementing the learning experience. In October 2001, GBLC was incorporated as 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Over the years, the organization has grown to offer many different free or low cost programs that service socio-economic disadvantaged and troubled youth. GapBuster Learning Center has served over 5,000 youth since inception. Our vision is to close the academic achievement gap - Through supplemental education, enrichment programs, and leadership development training, GapBuster, Inc. develops well-rounded individuals positioned to excel in academic, social, and professional environments. GapBuster now offers various STEAM programs throughout USA and Ghana

French Home Tutoring Services
We provide French home tutoring services for primary and high school students all over Accra Most focus on reading, writing, and speaking in French. In addition to helping students with homework, projects and even upcoming tests.

Leadership Skills and Leadership Styles Training Worldwide
A necessary skill in today's business world is “Leadership skills and styles”. Leadership is the ability to motivate a group of people to act towards achieving a certain goal.
So let us see, what is Leadership?

A necessary skill in today's business world is “Leadership”. Leadership is the ability to motivate a group of people to act towards achieving a certain goal. Leadership is the quality of influencing a group towards the achievement of a goal. According to John Ramstead “Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another”. Whether one is an office manager, a project leader or Chief engineer, the best leaders know how to pick their battle? The most effective leadership is based on the innovative ideas of determining values, cultures, changes tolerance and employee motivation. A leader is a person who directly influences and inspire his subordinators for efficient performance towards a business.

Leadership Styles and Skills in Top Organization:

1) Effective ability to Lead:

It is very important to find the best leader in top organization or companies who can lead the team in absence of high authorized orders. Most of the great leaders have the passion for building and leading an elite team. By engaging employee and inspiring their adoption of a new way of working, a leader can create the significant impact on their productivity and business growth. In Talking about the Leadership Style of

Telling (what, how, when, where to do certain various tasks and achieve goal),
Cooperating and Participating
Ability to Boost sell of an organization
Accountable (In any organization, In any case of failure leaders are one who takes the responsibility).
Delegating (Cooperation, Support & little direction).
2) Powerful & Effective Communication Skills:

Effective communication skills are an important component of any leader in the small organization. All the great leaders are excellent communicators. The leader should have clear communication skill So that he/she can describe the company vision to their employees or team member and facilitate office conversations. In organization leaders always hire the right people for Customer Services who better know how to work with the customers and can represent their company in front of valuable customers. A leader should know to communicate with all elements of the organization, which includes employees, managers, customers, and investors.

Powerful Communication Skill is a key to leadership Success:

Great Leader, Great Adaptive Style: Effective communication is key to any organization success. Regardless of whether you're talking about organization, sports, news or military, great leaders are the first-rated communicators. Leaders must be able to adapt based on the group they are communicating with on a particular topic.
Effective Listening & Leadership: a good leader must be a good communicator and Good Listener as well.
Clear Verbal Communication Skills: Mostly people do not listen attentively, in that case, this is leaders responsibility to speak as clearly and effectively as possible. Before going for the meeting leader must clarify the goal of the communication, Deliver message effectively, Keep an open mind to receive the message, take corrective action as necessary.
3) Relationship Building:

Working on a particular project needs a mutual affiliation or connection between employees or group of people in an organization. A project manager or leader is the only person who is responsible for delivering that project on time. For that, a leader should schedule the time to build the relationship, should be positive, and listen actively to a group meeting. The leader must trust team members to form a powerful bond that helps you work and communicate more effectively. A good relationship can be formed by mutual respect, open communication, and Welcoming diversity to accomplish the goals/objectives of the projects.

Excellent Home Classes
We have expert private tutors for all your needs - SAT, TOEFLE, IGCSE, MIS, GRE, GMAT, IELTS, WASSCE, BECE, ETC.

Visit our site or call for free consultation.

Paige Institute is your trusted source for education services. We are professionals in private tuition and admission tests in that we work for the client which enables us to monitor the quality of tuition through our frequent supervisions to help ensure results are achieved. About 95% of all students tutored excel in their school work, examinations and improved upon one or more grades compared to the grades they were attaining prior to tuition.

Literacy-Connect Ghana

The objective of the Literacy Connect Ghana is to help all persons with poor reading skills learn to read at grade level and increase their reading speed, comprehension, and reading attention span with Audio-visual learning materials and other Teaching and Learning items.

Literacy-Connect Ghana believes that the ability to read is an essential element of an enriched and fulfilling life.

Support us in our fight against illiteracy today!

E-Mail: [email protected]
Tel: 0547144679

StudyLocal Ghana
StudyLocal Ghana is an Online Directory for courses/programs offered by accredited institutions in Ghana. At study local Ghana, we are focused on encouraging students in Ghana to remain in Ghana for their studies rather than studying abroad.
At StudyLocal, we match institutions to students who want to study locally rather than abroad. Our mission to institutions are in two folds:
To help local schools with campus-based degree courses recruit local and international students who want to study in; and
To help international schools with online-based degree courses recruit local students who want to study in Nigeria.

Our major services rendered in study local Ghana are;
1. Search schools and courses: Searching for the right school and courses can be nerve-wracking, but with Study Local our core service is to give you the right guide and path in discovering the best and possible courses of your choice. We provide students with options of choosing the best, accredited institutions in Ghana and abroad.
We give insights on the schools- prospectus, institutions, credentials, rankings, courses, duration, study path, study pace, choice of state, study duration, time zones and location of the institution's campus.
This very aspect of our services is in maximum advantage to the students whereby we help students achieve what they want and we give them varieties of options of institutions, we enlighten them on the schools with the courses intended and completely detailed information to the best guidance of the student.

2. Services for students: We assist students to search for the right course, apply to the schools on their behalf, in some instances we help secure admission into a school in Ghana and online international schools. We provide students easy access to Ghanaian institutions and international online schools. Our many more services for students include the following:
a. Course Search Services: Search for under and postgraduate degree courses in Ghana
b. Admission Support Services– we help process your admission for postgraduate studies
c. Document Retrieval Services – we assist in obtaining documents from institutions in Ghana
d. Transcripts
e. Certificates
f. Letter of Reference
g. Letter of Recommendation
h. Course Outline
I. Information Services – A curation of school admission processes, announcements, brochures and press releases

3. Services for schools: We partner with different institutions to bring prospective students into the Universities. Our services for this section entails
a. Course promotion services: display of courses on portals
b. Course Management services –access to course management system allowing self-management of listed courses
c. Student recruitment services for PG schools in Ghana– we help post-graduate schools in Ghana recruit students
d. Student recruitment services for International online schools – we help international online schools recruit students based in Ghana.

MTG is an I.T institution located at Adenta - Pantang Hospital. we offer all courses in the field of I.T and we also admits all people including JHS/SHS/TERTIARY/ SCHOOL DROP OUTS, ETC. With us at MTG, your dream of becoming an I.T personnel comes to real live time.

OMR Home - A Complete Range of OMR Solutions
Ginger Webs subordinate product OMR Home, was founded in the year 2008. Experiencing a journey of success so far Verificare OMR software has made its eminence amongst 2000+ customers worldwide. OMR Home has shown exceptional attributes in maintaining accuracy, reliability and quality on the process of OMR sheet reading. OMR Home has its main focus on the education industry and all the multifarious features are available to the users in the form of Verificare.

Verificare is the OMR software which enables its users to design, scan and read OMR sheets with 100% accuracy. It is cost-effective software incorporated with multilevel anti-cheat features that are efficient in detecting the percentage of impersonation in exam sheets. The Artificial Intelligence feature identifies the fault in the question paper rendering a 100% accuracy of the data extracted. OMR solutions have wide applications and can be used to evaluate examination, admission, registration, attendance, surveys, and feedback forms. The objective of Verificare is to be a user friendly solution to cater all the OMR based assessment needs.

Think Exam - A Secure Online Examination Platform
Think Exam is a leading Online assessment software to create online test, assign test, design test and you can also sell your tests. The system is highly interactive interface, advanced reporting system, splendid support and easy to learn and use.

Ginger Webs Pvt Ltd
Ginger Webs is a leading technology and assessment company offering a vivid range of exam solutions. We are having more than a decade of experience in conducting Computer Based Test (CBT), Online & Offline Exam, paper based tests, IBT and many more.

WASSCE Passed Questions and Answers-xBooklet

BATTLE QUIZ- Student vs Robot or Student vs 3 other students

1. English Language
2. Mathematics
3. Integrated Science
4. Social Studies

📚 General Arts
📚 General Science
📚 Business
📚 Home Science/Economics
📚 Visual Arts
📚 Agricultural Science
📚 Technical Programs


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CertsMarket Best Online Source To Get Certified in 2019
As you most likely are aware certsmarket's all it exam courses are more critical than others then in the wake of accomplishing achievement in the IT exam learning path certsmarket, they can give you leeway over others. Certsmarket IT exam practice can enable you to get about unequivocal pay climb.

save Ghana student
save Ghana student, a fully Ghanaian own website Founded in 2020 by Maurice Nyamah, with the aim of helping student in Ghana take control of their personal finances and make smart money decisions by sharing actionable articles and resources on how to earn, save, invest and manage money. We also work tirelessly to serve our readers with the hottest deals, discount, tips for shopping online and offline in other to save them money at no cost. This and many more set as apart from the rest.

Korsika Energy Research and Services Limited (KERSL)
KERSL is an industrial-skills continuing education service provider based in Tema Community 7, Ghana. We are located within the walls of Tema Technical Institute.

Why is our training one of the best?
Because 65% is hands-on, providing your technicians with the knowhow needed in today's competitive market.

However, we do more than just training. We also offer automation upgrade design solutions, maintenance, 3D printing services, and machine and solar power installation services.

KERSL is a member of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI).