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Computer for Africa Schools Project (CASP)
Computers for Africa Schools Project (CASP) is a registered non-profit or charity organization based in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. We refurbish used computers donated by firms, schools, government entities and non-profit organizations in the US, and arrange for them to be shipped, installed and used as educational tools in mostly public schools in Ghana, West Africa, free of charge. As we grow, we hope to expand our activities throughout West Africa, and eventually the entire Africa continent. Since our founding in March 2005, we have already donated over 50 PCs to two Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) in Kumasi, Ghana

Friends of Women Foundation
Friends of Women Foundation is a non profit organization which is working to empower women and the youth in Ghana to assist in reducing poverty. Also to advance their rights in the communities, through the promotion of girl child education and acquiring of vocational skills, strategies on how to grow their businesses to promote economic growth, capacity building programs and the advancement of their health and reproductive rights.

Ghana Health and Education Initiative
GHEI is a community based organisation working with rural communities of South West Ghana to deliver education, health and community development programmes

Adu Gyamfi Foundation for Women and Youth Development is a non profitable organization set up at Nobewam within Ashanti Region in Ghana. It was initiated by Nana Adu Gyamfi II, Chief of Nobewam with the support of some Ghanaian professionals with the goal of improving health, education and well-being of women, youth and children in Ghana and international level. VISION: Our vision is to reduce poverty and hardship among women and the youth in rural communities in a sustainable manner by means of education and job creation. MISSION: Our mission is to alleviate poverty and empower women and the youth to develop their potentials in the creation of wealth and promote the health and well-being of women, youth and children by formulating advance health and educational programmes. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: To provide opportunity for women, the youth particularly girl-child education and skills training. To undertake projects and support needy students in both basic and second cycle institutions. To provide justice education, human right and advocacy for the women, youth and children against violence, abuse and injustice. To create job opportunities for women to start and /or diversify income generating activity like agri-business, agro-processing and other jobs through micro-credit delivery. To provide counselling opportunities for people about the causes, dangers, effects and prevention of HIV/AIDS/STDs and also accept and support people leaving with HIV/AIDS. CONTACTS: Address:Post Office Box KS. 14347,Kumasi-Ghana Email: [email protected] Tel: (00233)-531-25803 (00233)- 24-4710063

World Partners for Development
World Partners for Development is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering populations in underserved communities, through high-quality programs that meet their real need to improve the quality of their lives.

Bodomase Development Association, USA Inc
non profit charitable association

African Christian Homes & Rehabilitation Center is a Faith based NGO which focuses on rehabilitation of PEOPLE LIVING WITH HIV/AIDS and their Care Givers,Commercial sex workers,Orphans,Street Children in education,employable skills,such as Batik,Tye & Dye,Sewing,Hair braiding and Community support in Information Technology.

Helplife Foundation Ghana
Helplife Foundation Ghana was established in 2009 as a youth-led non-governmental organization dedicated to providing unconditional help for deprived children and youth in the Republic of Ghana. This country is at the core of many humanitarian crises and the affected most are the children. These crises include poverty, poor health care, poor education, poor parental care, etc. Helplife Foundation Ghana is growing to become one of the largest membership-based child and youth welfare organization. We are committed to engaging people from every part of the world in promoting the well being of children and the youth and protecting them from harm.We envision a bright future in which families, neighborhoods, communities, organizations, and governments ensure that all children and youth are provided with the resources they need to grow into healthy, contributing members of society.

Public Action for Social Inclusion Ghana (PASIGHAGHA) is a Financial Non-Governmental Organization (FNGO) registered in Ghana under the companies code (Act 179) in 2010. With a mandate to alleviate poverty, diminish the vulnerability of poor populations, and reduce economic and social exclusion by serving the communities that are challenged socio-economically, politically, and environmentally through the establishment of sustainable strategies that extend a broad range of innovative social and financial services to underserved populations. PASIGHA is also registered by the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development to operate in any part of Ghana as an NGO.


Fredstino Foundation is a Ghanaian based non profit organisation; FF has registered with the Registered General Department in February 2003 with registration number G-11, 017. DONATE GHC 1 TO SAVE A CHILD.GOD BLESS YOU. BANKERS: Bank Name: Merchant Bank Account name: Fredstino Foundation Account number: 00005/01/003393/95 Swift Code:MBGHGHAC Branch: Takoradi

Support The Affum-Darkwah Mission Intl. Inc
An NGO based in the USA and Ghana, with the focus of helping Ghanaians and other Africa countries in need. Local NGOs can also contact us to see areas we can be of help to them. Through donations, we are able to provide many services to the needy. We gladly accept donations of new and lightly used clothes, non-perishable food items, toys, shoes and sandals, new and used school supplies and medical supplies. We ship containers to Ghana on a regular basis to help orphanages, Schools and hospitals. Kindly visit our website at to see areas you can help to make a difference in someone''s life and future. God Bless You as you give. [From: The Affum-Darkwah Mission Int. (TADMI) Inc. ] [Website:]

World Partners for Development-Ghana
World Partners for Development-Ghana is a registered grassroots NGO in Ghana, founded in 2004 to respond to the overwhelming need for the country''s most vulnerable underserved populations, especially women, youth, and indigenous groups whose lives have been affected by diverse challenges like economic insecurity, hunger, poor health, illiteracy, unemployment, lack of leadership skills and environmental harshness.

Hospital & Prison Action Network (HPAN)
Companies & Organizations : Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Name Hospital & Prison Action Network (HPAN) Facebook Web Address Enter a Facebook web address Start Date Founded in 2003 Address Enter your address Short Description HPAN is an Humanitarian & Welfare registered charity organisation. Working to Ensure Optimal Offender Mental and Physical Health. Improving Education and Developing Skills to Reduce Reoffending. Impressum Input Impressum for your Page Long Description x Rehabilitation & Welfare. x Hospital & Prison Visit. x Training & Network x Advocacy x Counselling Victims & their families. x Promoting the clients talents & interest. Mission Reducing Crime & Poverty Help the less privilege and the abandoned people . Founded 2003 Awards WINNER OF LIFE CHANGERS ''HUMANITARIAN ACHIEVEMENT'' AWARD 2010 NIGERIAN UK BASED ACHIEVER''S AWARD - ''''Excellence for SELFLESSNESS IN SERVICE'''' AWARD 2011 Products + Enter products Phone 07404747564 Email [email protected] Website

African Centre for Peace Building
African Centre for Peace Building is a Ghana based peace building organization

Through our volunteers & mission trips, we provide free healthcare, medicines, computer & English literacy & structures for growth of children and women in poor communities

World Inspiring Network
World Inspiring Network is a registered charitable non-governmental Organization established to make a generational impact through volunteering and patriotism. The team consist of young and vibrant youth who are passionate about providing solutions to most of the challenges in Africa and beyond. We focus mainly on the first six (6) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's). These includes, No Poverty, No Hunger, Good Health, Quality Education, Gender Equality, Clean Water and Sanitation.

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