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Greetings from incense sticks suppliers from india SARATHI INTERNATIONAL INC

Hello ,
Greetings to you from Sarathi International Bangalore, India. Many Thanks for your email. I am Jasmine ( Manger, International Business ) writing to you on behalf of Sarathi International Inc., which supplies incense sticks to more than 45 Countries and with over 145 fragrances since inception in 1945. We are one of the leading companies with a vast experience and superb product quality and packaging. This is why our products are being appreciated worldwide! Please study our product catalogue on our website using the link password is sarathi
We are looking forward to have well established buyers to take advantage of our
superior quality products and to establish them in your country. We wish to also inform you in advance that, we supply a minimum of USD 3500, to even 10 containers a month. Kindly provide us with more information about your company, distribution network and promotional campaign for 'Tulasi Incense' in your country. We would appreciate your valuable response. Should you have any kind of clarification kindly get in touch with us anytime 24/7.
Mob+91 9964625081-email: [email protected] Looking forward to hear from you soon. Do let us know your requirements, Complete Postal address, Company details, along with the Contact details. Looking forward to hear from you soon & establishing a long Business association .
Best Regards,
Business Developer Manager, Exports + 91 996425081
Email : [email protected]
Mobile : +91 99646 25081
Call us on India Bangalore nine, nine,six,four,six,two, nine, zero,seven, eight
response at sarathi dot com