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Droppin Technologies Ltd.
Droppin Technologies Ltd is the latest Personal Transport Services Provider in Ghana. Droppin provides a special seamless taxi/car booking service with some notable characteristics. Droppin is growing a fleet of partner first class vehicles driven by professionals in our nation. The service is modern and reliable.

The Droppin passenger app replaces your traditional method of hailing and much more. Set your Pickup Location and request a ride. The app will reveal the closest vehicles and an estimate of how far they are away from your Pickup Location. Once the driver accepts you will see the driver by name and picture and the car model, colour and Licence Plate number and the driver''s overall service ratings.

You are confident of a more secured trip. There''s GPS tracking of your ride. At the end of it your fare is calculated based on the distance travelled and the duration. This is way better than the guess work both rider and driver have engaged in, in the past. When you use your card you just have to drop off after your trip. The invoice will be settled from your card account automatically and a receipt sent to your email account. If your elected payment method is cash … go ahead and settle.

You will also have an opportunity to rate your ride. It is an important part of ensuring high standards. Your rating will reflect Driver conduct, Car cleanliness, Comfort. The Driver will also rate you as a Rider. It is rewarding if you are respectful to your driver.

Its time to download the app right now even if you don''t think you will use it immediately. It pays to have it in your arsenal. There is a very simple registration process. You may follow us on Facebook at and on twitter at or visit our own website at

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