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Come and discover Ghana when joining my free internet group called Visitghana. We are an active group with over 3,600 postings and 400 members!

Kwakwaduam Association Inc.

The Kwakwaduam Association Inc. is a Public Charity with a US Govt Federal 501C Status, based in the New York Tri State Area and comprising members of Akropong Akuapem Descent. Its mission is to promote social, economic, educational and cultural enlightenment of its members. Among other things the organization has been instrumental in the establishment of a number of projects in Akropong; The Adami project - providing water for the town, Electriciyt Project - which supplied bulbs forthe town, The Clothing Project - which made clothing available to the School for the blind, The Transportation project - which provided a bus for the Clinic in town to name a few.

Stewardship and Compassion to the Needy
Fostering a legacy of caring and loving to the Needy and most vulnerable


Our Vision Ghana Asem will serve as a premier social platform linking all persons with connections to Ghana and beyond. It shall establish the highest standards in networking that facilitates the sharing of information through discussions and debates for the Ghanaian community in the Diasporas. With Ghana Asem the possibilities are endless. Each member will be able to take complete charge of their own domain in a trusted environment. Our Mission To establish a platform where Ghanaian communities around the world can interact, organize, and inform their societies on new trends and other issues that impact their lives. Example: health, immigration, religion, youth empowerment, marriage, relationships, employment, housing, travel, politics, etc. Members and users will have access to a variety of options including personalized member services, event calendar, ability to post ads, blog, chat, upload photos, and much more. At Ghana Asem, we believe in keeping your activities private. We will place a premium on who can see what, all based on your preference.

Ghana Campus Network
Ghana Campus Network is a destination where students and the general public can browse useful information relevant to their campus. What you can do with Ghana Campus Network! You can use Ghana Campus Network as an online notice board to do things like: Request for a transcript from any of the Higher Institutions in Ghana online. • Post advertisements for something you want to sell e.g. cell phone/laptop/camera/book • Announce an event e.g. trip to the beach • Announce a service e.g. computer repairs or food delivery • Post news related to campus politics You can also use Ghana Campus Network to find items and services in the classifieds. You can 1. Find and purchase items such as cameras/phones/laptops/clothes 2. Find a hostels and rooms to rent; compare facilities and prices 3. Find jobs and internships 4. Read campus news 5. Find information about lectures 6. Find clubs and groups e.g. student union, church groups etc 7. Find activities around campus such as parties, games etc 8. Find services such as computer and phone repair, laundry services etc Start browsing now!

Bookerz Media Network
Bookerz Media Network is a free International Community that allows members to interact freely. They make friends with people around the world. They discuss issues ranging from personal to business. 1,Make free text/video chat with friends 2,Introduce your business to friends and all users 3, Upload a video of yourself or business 4, Make a photo album with your finest images 5, Create or join a group you like 6, Join or start a discussion. 7, Learn simple IT skills with the already uploaded videos Have fun

OBAATANPA N''abosum fie is the faith based division of the OBAATANPA House of Hope International Ministry. We are dedicated to the spiritual, cultural and educational upliftment of our community worldwide. We offer traditional African healing through the Akan spiritual system in particular, and other Africa traditional systems of our ancestral lineages.