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Spine Surgery, Spine Surgery India, Spinal Surgery India, Surgery Spine
Spine Surgery We Care India offers info on Spine Surgery in India, Spine Surgeons, Spinal Surgery, Back Pain and Low Cost Spine Surgery patients for Nigeria in India.


lagos island

lod zima hospital limited
lod zima hospital limited is situated at nkawie in the ashanti region of has services in surgical,medical,maternal and infant care and investigative procedure

Infertility Clinic In Mumbai
Rotunda-The Center for Human Reproduction is Ivf Clinic and fertility clinic in Mumbai,India,Asia.We are state-of-the-art IVF laboratory which is Mumbai''s first ISO 9001-2000 facility. We are Infertility, Fertility & IVF ,Surrogacy Clinic for Male & Female in Mumbai,India. Our fertility centre provides the best affordable quality infertility,fertility treatments with advanced reproductive technologies like IVF,ART, GIFT, ZIFT, TET, ICSI,donor egg,surrogate and surrogacy services for all nationalities,All couples including lesbian and gay couples and even single men and single women can avail this facility to fulfill their dream of enjoying parenthood.

The Deccan Fertility Clinic and Keyhole Surgery Center is India''s first budget IVF clinic and an ISO 9001-2000 certified center.We are Infertility clinic, Fertility center & IVF lab,Surrogacy Clinic for Male & Female in Mumbai,India. Our fertility center provides the best affordable quality infertility,fertility treatments with advanced reproductive technologies like IVF,ART, GIFT, ZIFT, TET, ICSI,donor egg,surrogate and surrogacy services for all nationalities.

Surrogacy options India,low surrogacy cost in India Surrogacy mumbai
Surrogacy Mumbai at Rotunda Clinic offers Surrogacy program in India to people of all nationalities.Gestational surrogacy services for ALl couples including same sex,lesbian and gay couples and even single men and single women.Now everyone can have baby with the help of Rotunda -The Center for Human Reproduction.

Surrogacy Mumbai offers Surrogacy program in India, is professional setup of its kind in India, providing comprehensive services related to Surrogacy and Egg Donation programs.We offer in India – Indian surrogates and Indian egg donors so that all can avail this facility to fulfill their dream of enjoying parenthood,parenting with pride and having baby,making families with pride.

Our pregnancy rates are very high, because we can transfer more embryos in difficult patients (unlike clinics in UK,USA,Canada and Australia, where the number of embryos which can be transferred is limited by law).

The most fascinating thing is that you don''t have to come to India; you have to just send your sperm by The Rotunda CryoShip Global service. We find an egg donor; we get your surrogate pregnant.”You just come down, pick up your baby, and go back home.”

Rotunda-The Center for Human Reproduction
Ground Floor, Kalpak-Gulistan,Perry Cross Road,Bandra(W),Mumbai – 400050
Telephone :+91 22 2640 5000
Fax :+91 22 2655 3000

DNA CENTER GHANA offers variety of DNA tests, including paternity, immigration and tests for courts and legal purposes. Call us today 0302-932267.

We offer the opprotunity for all qualified to set up and run their own lab. We provide the equipment and reagents. Become a member today 0302-203246.

Top Infertility Treatment Services India
The Blossom Fertility and IVF Centre aims to reduce the stress and hassle associated with infertility treatment and investigations by offering a one-stop fertility diagnostic and treatment service for infertile couples.

Easy Medical Travel to India - High Quality and Affordable Medical Treatment at World-class Hospitals
We help people around the world to avail quality and affordable healthcare services in India without any waiting time. The escalating health care costs, lack of advanced facilities and long waiting time for medical treatments have been making it more and more difficult for people to find quality medical treatment at affordable prices. And here Treatment Assistance steps in to find hospitals and doctors in India which provides quality health care services at affordable cost to the patients without any waiting time whatsoever. Yes, a lot of focus is given on patient and attendant care as well. Be it a cosmetic surgery or a life-saving treatment, we offer almost every medical treatment at our network hospitals across India.

Best Cancer hospital in India
Dharamshila Hospital & Research Centre is a comprehensive cancer treatment center. Dharamshila Hospital And Research Centre (DHRC) is North India''s first and largest cancer hospital, providing state-of-the-art, comprehensive cancer care and other allied medical facilities under one roof. The hospital is built on 3.5 Acres of land and is situated in New Delhi (India).Laboratory Services of Dharamshila Hospital And Research Centre is now Accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) for Medical Testing in the fields of Clinical Biochemistry, Clinical Pathology, Haematology & Immunohaematology, Microbiology & Serology, Histopathology and Cytopathology as per the Standard ISO.
Dharamshila Hospital And Research Centre
(Your Partner in Cancer Care)
Vasundhara Enclave, Near New Ashok Nagar Metro Station
Delhi – 110096 (India)
E-mail ID : [email protected]

St John''s General Hospital & Spa
The hospital offers general and specialist healthcare services for its clients such as Obs and Gynea, Surgery, Dentals, ultra Sound Scan and also cares for children and adults of all ages.

Cochlear Implants Bangalore
Dr Medikeris''s ent hospital in Bangalore is famous for cochlear implants and cochlear implant surgeries.

#1 Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India | Joint Replacement Surgery India
Want to choose #1 trusted Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India? Visit Meditrina - Top, AFFORDABLE Joint Replacement Surgery hospital in India. Get your FREE QUOTE now!

Stomach Cancer Treatment in India
Esophageal cancer is a malignant growth of tissues that line the inner surface of the esophagus. Dr. S.G.Balamurugan, is one of the experienced surgical oncologist in India, offers affordable stomach and oesophagus cancers at Guru Cancer Hospital, Madurai.

Seedart Bank - Huge database for Egg donors
Seedart Bank one of the best & committed to providing best reproductive services in india e.g. IVF, Surrogacy, Egg donation & egg donor database.

IndianMedTrip Healthcare Consultants
IndianMedTrip Healthcare Consultants offer excellent medical facilities in India. We offer treatment for cancer, heart, brain, cosmetic urgery, organ transplant, fertility treatment, obesity surgery and many more. We are associated with best hospitals and surgeons in India to provide you world-class medical treatments.

Dr Bakul Arora
Dr.Bakul Arora is a consultant and joint replacement surgeon. Using the minimally invasive technique patients can painless knee and hip replacement surgeries.

Supply Medical Sundries
Our major products are disposable gloves. We are also the professional suppliers of the disposable finger cots ,face masks, microfiber wipers, surgical gown, bouffant caps, shoes covers, syringes,biohazard boxes,medical container, gauze roll,cotton roll, clinical thermometer,condom catheter,blood bag,urine bag,body bag, vacutainers,saline solution,hoptital beds,anti-static clothing and the other products in the electronic factory, semiconductor industry, cleanroom,biotechnology, laboratory,pharmaceutical factory, food industry, clinic or in the hospital.
Please feel free to send us enquires if you have any interest of our products, I will give our fast response upon receipt of your detailed requirements.

Bone And Joint Care Clinic - orthopedic clinic
Bone And Joint Care Center is the Best Hospital For Knee Replacement Surgery In Thane, Mumbai and Mulund provides the best orthopedic services like knee replacement, hip replacement, shoulder replacement surgery, knee arrthoscopy surgery and many other advanced services like golden knee replacement, anatomical hip relacement surgeries by Dr. Shailendra Patil.

Thanawala Maternity Home & IVF Clinic in Vashi, navi Mumbai
Thanawala's Maternity Home provides the best IVF Fertility & Endoscopy Treatment Center in Vashi and Navi Mumbai are the most preferred fertility treatment centers for aspiring couples wanting to have baby. Get in touch with the advanced treatment in Fertility, IVF, IUI and ICSI.