Ghana Ethnic Groups

The Ga

Population 300,000 in Ghana (1993 UMS). Population total both countries 300,000 or more.
Region Southeast, coast around Accra. Also spoken in Togo.
Alternate names   AMINA, GAIN, ACCRA, ACRA
Classification Niger-Congo, Atlantic-Congo, Volta-Congo, Kwa, Nyo, Ga-Dangme.
Comments Ga is the major language of Accra, the capital. Literacy rate in first language: 30% to 60%. Literacy rate in second language: 75% to 100%. Traditional religion. Bible 1866, in press (1997).


Appendix: Revisions/Corrections/Opinions
  • From [email protected]: But the information on the divisions in the Ga-Adangme group is inaccurate. The group is made up of: Ga (Accra area), Shai or Se (Dodowa area), Krobo or Kloli (there two paramountcies, call them subdivisions, exist here: Manya Klo [Odumase area] and Yilo Klo [Somanya], Osudoku (Asutsuare and Osuwem area), Ningo-Gbugbla (Prampram and Ningo area), and finally Ada near the Volta River.
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  • MEANING: The Homowo Festival's ties lie with the Ga people and their migration to Ghana. The Ga traveled for many years before reaching the West Coast of Africa where they presently live. Along the way, they experienced famine, but because they helped each other, they survived. Later, when their harvests were bountiful, they held a feast at which they mocked and jeered at hunger and the hard times that had plagued them.
    This was the first Homowo.