Ethics Policy

At ModernGhana, every staff member is expected to read these rules carefully and ensure they abide by them accordingly. Every employee must comply with all aspects of this policy with new members also required to read this policy before taking on their positions. The issues addressed in this code are very essential to our work and as a result, any violation of rules within the areas covered below is considered serious enough to require disciplinary punishments, including dismissal from the position depending on the severity of the violation.

Any team member that has a question or is violating any part of this policy or has witnessed another employee doing so, is required to contact his/her supervisor immediately for action. All inquiries in this aspect are going to be kept confidential in order to protect the personal rights of team members.

Writers who cover news should not play the market as insider traders. This means that they cannot conduct any kind of estimations with personal interest or information from a source. This is meant to avoid exploitation of information that is not publicly declared. Team members who contribute to ModernGhana covering similar subjects are bound by the same rule.

Employees in the sales and marketing departments are the only ones allowed to make deals with third parties on behalf of ModernGhana. It is totally prohibited for anyone other than employees in the sales and marketing department to make deals using the company name in return for promotions/links, etc. ModernGhana team members, aside from freelancers, cannot associate themselves with either as contributors or stringers to media channels other than ModernGhana for as long as they are associated with our company.

Good judgment, privacy, and professionalism are the main ideals to stick with when posting on the website and on other social media channels. ModernGhana is a multinational company that addresses a large number of followers. Every post should be thought through well to the last detail as every post goes out to global audiences.

Everyone who is part of ModernGhana must act accordingly with common sense at all times and not emotional judgement to avoid negative perception about the company. Posts must be non-partial and neutral at all times. Writers are expected to keep their content and posts in compliance with the company policy and be unbiased and authentic.

Due to copyright and trademark laws, getting permission before publishing an image or a video is necessary. The team is expected to comply with the legal terms of the website and other entities ModernGhana works or partners with.