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2 Bedroom Terrace for Sale


Listed : Bargain Houses
Date Listed : Mar 18, 2020
Price : ¢0.00
Location : East Legon
Region : Accra
Country : Ghana
Bedrooms : 2
Bathrooms : 2
No. of Rooms : 2
Plots Size : 0000 x 0000 null

Property Description

Based in Accra's fastest growing Middle to Upper income community, East Legon Hills/Santeo. Prices vary from $120k USD – $300k USD, its status is associated with the MOBUS brand, a bastion of luxury.
Richfield Lifestyle Estate's ethos encompasses the credo of the Denkyem “crocodile” as a West African symbol of adaptability – the crocodile lives in the water yet breathes the air, demonstrating an ability to adapt to circumstances. Life in Richfield Lifestyle Estate encourages adaptability to the environment and the architectural response to the surrounding by the river and to create interactive environmental living space. Richfield Lifestyle Estate – Pristine Luxury Living.

This project is located in Santeo popularly known as East Legon Hills. Mobus and partner (NTHC) shall be developing a mixed use City of 300 homes on a 50-acre land.
In line with the quality and class associated with Mobus home, the company shall develop modern tasteful homes supported by world class amenities.
The estate shall contain a shopping facility as well as entertainment areas for residents and families.

Property Address
Address: Richfield Manor City: Accra Area: East Legon Hills
Property Details
Property Price:
Unit Type SIZE US$/Unit
2 Bed Terrace 1604sqft / 149 sqm $ 120,000
3 Bed Terrace 2336 sqft / 217sqm $ 175,000
3 Bed Single Storey Semi-Detached Villa 2293sqft / 213sqm $ 95,000
3 Bed Single Storey Townhouse 2680sqft/ 249sqm $ 120,000
3 Bed Townhouse 2486sqft / 231sqm $ 210,000
4 Bed Townhouse 3,132sqft / 231sqm $ 260,000
4 Bed Townhouse Riverside 3,498sqft / 325sqm $ 300,000
3 Bed Semi-Detached Villa 1141sqft/ 106sqm $ 180,000
3.5 Bed Semi-Detached Villa 1572sqft/ 146sqm $ 195,000

Property Features
Generator ,Water reservoir, Gym ,Swimming pool ,Car park ,Washer and dryer ,Storage ,Boys quarters Security ,Gated community ,Air condition ,Elevator ,Study ,Walk in closet, Internet DSTV ,Concierge Doorman Play area Garden Fitted kitchen Intercom Back yard ,Car port
Property construction started in Jan 2016. Will be completed in 18 months

Upgradable Features
Quality appliances
Aditional storage facility
Air conditioning in all spaces
Off grid solutions
Solar and alternative energy sources
Generator Power
General water storage system
Gas stove and heating

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