I felt empty when I stopped worshipping Christ; I’ve returned — Efia Odo

Exclusive News Efia Odo, Ghanaian socialite
Efia Odo, Ghanaian socialite

Ghanaian actress and social media personality Efia Odo has announced that she has returned to worshipping Jesus Christ after feeling empty without religion in her life.

In a candid post on her Instagram page on Monday, the 29-year-old opened up about her faith journey.

She revealed that she was born into a Christian home but had at some point wanted to find God independently and strayed away from attending church regularly.

However, Efia Odo said that without worshipping Christ, she felt a sense of emptiness inside.

“I felt empty when I stopped worshipping Christ," she wrote.

The socialite went on to declare that she is now back worshipping Jesus and would not let anyone question her decision.

“Now I’m back in Christ and no one can tell me otherwise. If you think I’m brainwashed then let me be, I don’t need to be saved," she stated.

In other news, Efia Odo has called out the popular "Kiki Challenge" trend, criticizing participants for disrespecting Christianity with their suggestive videos.

In a post on Sunday, June 23, Efia Odo slammed the challenge, writing "That kiki challenge is a disgusting challenge. Do all the sexy shit yall want but leave Christianity and the church out of it. Yall not afraid of God and will do anything cuz it’s a trend."

The viral #KikiChallenge involves women filming themselves dancing to the song "Kiki" by Fuse ODG and Leftizzle outside and then cutting to them in more intimate locations like bedrooms.

Many of the videos show the women starting outside dressed modestly with bibles in hand before the scenes change.

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