Liberian content creator Phizzle receives first international nomination

By M. Abdul Pabai
General News Liberian content creator Phizzle receives first international nomination

Music Video Africa Awards (MVAA), a continental music award hosted in Lagos, Nigeria, has nominated talented Liberian Daniel Dennis, popularly known as Phizzle.

The Liberian content creator who shares his works on his YouTube Channel got his inaugural recognition/acknowledgement from the renowned MVAA which is noted for placing honors on exceptional content creators (music videos, etc.) for his immense contribution made in the creative sector over the years.

The sagacious content creator was originally an artist and music producer but has since found it more alluring to bring top-notch reality videos that are storytelling to viewers. As his produced music—whether sung by him or produced for other artists—impacted and satisfied everyone who came across it, both in his native land and internationally, Phizzle’s contents are not short of any description of this kind.

This, according to the nomination committee at MVAA, has placed Phizzle in what they termed as “a league of his own.” Although this nomination is his first international one, his contents and videos have helped Liberia to gain much recognition in the global cultural sphere.

Meanwhile, this nomination has placed Phizzle among other top content creators not just in Liberia, but Africa at large, thereby growing the anxiety among his fans to clinch the award when it is hosted later part of this year.

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