Charter House announces new initiative

Industry News Charter House announces new initiative

Theresa Ayoade, CEO of Charter House, the organizers of the Telecel Ghana Music Awards, has unveiled a significant new initiative aimed at bolstering the nation's music industry.

During a keynote at a recent music summit, Ayoade announced the establishment of the Charter House Creative Africa Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to leadership and advocacy within the creative sector.

“For 25 years, we have been deeply embedded in the industry, understanding its operations and challenges. Within these challenges lie immense opportunities,” Ayoade stated.

She emphasized that the foundation seeks to foster a collaborative environment where industry stakeholders can engage in meaningful discussions about investment, employment, and job creation to promote the creative ecosystem.

The Charter House Creative Africa Foundation aims to serve as a collective voice for the industry, advocating for policies and initiatives that support growth and development. “We want to create a movement that can support and lobby for the industry's needs,” Ayoade added.

The music summit, a key event that wraps up the annual Ghana Music Awards festival, provided a platform for these crucial conversations. Ayoade highlighted the importance of not only celebrating artists but also addressing the industry's broader developmental needs.

Engagement with the British Council’s SoCreative E-Learning Platform

A key highlight of the summit was the engagement with the British Council’s SoCreative E-Learning Platform. This innovative digital learning tool was explored for its potential to revolutionize creative education in Ghana. Attendees discussed how the platform could empower artists and industry professionals through accessible, cutting-edge educational resources.

Open Dialogue with TGMA Board Members
The summit also featured an open forum between Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMA) Board members and attendees. This candid dialogue tackled critical issues and categories within the awards scheme, with a strong emphasis on transparency and inclusivity. Participants expressed the need for a more open selection process, reflecting a collective commitment to elevating standards and fostering unity within the music community.

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