GEPA CEO encourages unity in creative arts to achieve $25.3billion target by 2029

Industry News GEPA CEO encourages unity in creative arts to achieve $25.3billion target by 2029

The CEO of Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA), Dr. Afua Asabea Asare, has called for unity within the creative arts sector to achieve the ambitious export revenue target of $25.3 billion by the end of 2029, as outlined in the national export strategy.

Speaking at the inaugural West Africa Music and Arts Festival, Nelly Joana Spoi-Abaidoo, Deputy Director of Industry Arts and Craft, GEPA, conveyed this message on behalf of Dr. Afua Asabea Asare.

Spoi-Abaidoo emphasized GEPA's commitment to the festival, underscoring the authority's dedication to fostering the growth of the creative arts sector.

“We are pleased to join the inaugural edition of this festival," Spoi-Abaidoo stated. “Our alignment with this event highlights our prioritization of the creative arts' development."

She noted the significant role the creative industry plays in employment generation and the importance of capacity building within the sector.

"We extend our heartfelt applause to the Ghana Tourism Authority and all stakeholders who have contributed to the successful organization of this inaugural edition of the West African Music and Arts Festival," Spoi-Abaidoo continued. "This event is a celebration of the rich cultural diversity of West Africa, particularly through its vibrant music and arts scenes."

She further explained that GEPA, as the national trade support institution, is mandated to promote Ghana’s non-traditional exportable products on the international market, with the creative arts sector being a significant focus.

The sector includes various products and services such as traditional instruments, paintings, woodcraft, and beads, providing employment to thousands of artisans.

"Furthermore, the Authority recognizes the importance of capacity building within the sector. We provide businesses with the necessary information on the latest export trends, enhancing their competitiveness, effectiveness, and efficiency, and preparing them for export readiness," she said.

As the festival continued, Spoi-Abaidoo urged everyone to embody the spirit of unity and support the creative sector in achieving the set export revenue target of $25.3 billion by the end of 2029 as outlined in the National Export Development Strategy (NEDS).

“Enjoy the festival and let’s continue to raise the flag of Ghana to new heights. Thank you, and I wish you a festival filled with success and inspiration," she concluded.

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