You disrespected my family; come back and apologise — Vanessa tells Funny Face

Couples/Break-ups Funny Face with his family
Funny Face with his family

Vanessa, the mother of Ghanaian comedian Funny Face's children, has called out her ex-partner for failing to apologise to her family for wrongdoings.

She expressed confusion and frustration over Funny Face's refusal to make amends, emphasising that his disrespect has strained their relationship and complicated matters further.

In a video shared by One Ghana TV on YouTube, Vanessa questioned why Funny Face has not visited their home in Kumasi to spend time with their children, choosing to express his desire to see them in social media outbursts.

She urged him to seek forgiveness from her family if he truly wanted to resolve their issues peacefully, rather than taking their issues to the public.

"This person [Funny Face] has disrespected my family, so the least he can do is come back and apologise. It's not right to think that having children with me automatically means forgiveness after insulting my family," Vanessa said.

She stressed the importance of respect and how a sincere apology could pave the way for reconciliation.

"An apology would make a big difference; my family would understand and we could move forward. But if apologising is too hard for him and he continues to call me out on social media to see his children, why can't he come to Kumasi himself?

“If he claims he couldn't make it due to an accident, did he even tell me he was on his way to Kumasi?" she added.

Funny Face and Vanessa have faced numerous challenges and controversies since their split in 2021, with their disputes often spilling over into the public domain.

Gideon Afful Amoako
Gideon Afful Amoako

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