I don't love my wife and I never proposed to her - Patapaa

Industry News I don't love my wife and I never proposed to her - Patapaa

Popular Hiplife musician Patapaa has publicly stated that he does not love his wife and never proposed to her.

Speaking on Angel TV, monitored by ModernGhana News, Patapaa clarified that, in his view, they are still legally married.

During the interview, Patapaa, whose real name is Justice Amoah, emphasized that their marriage was formalized in court.

He asserted that any divorce must also go through the same process but as it stands now, such thing has never happened.

"My name is Justice, and that’s why I do just things and People don’t understand. If she’s telling people we are divorced, I can’t say much about it because I still wear my ring," Patapa explained, hinting at ongoing complexities in their relationship.

Contrasting Patapa’s stance, his wife, Liha Miller, has disclosed that their marriage fell apart shortly after their wedding.

Miller revealed that she made the tough decision to end the marriage due to irreconcilable differences and filed for divorce.

According to Miller, she has not communicated with Patapa for over two years since their separation and is currently in discussions with his parents to finalize the divorce process.

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