‘The title speaks for what I actually want to give off’ — King Promise speaks on new album ‘True To Self’

New Release Ghanaian singer King Promise
Ghanaian singer King Promise

Ghanaian singer King Promise has released his third studio album 'True To Self' which he says showcases his most honest and vulnerable self through his music.

The 12-track album which includes already released songs such as ‘Terminator’, ‘Paris’, ‘Favourite Story’, and ‘Perfect Combi’, dropped midnight on Friday, June 14.

In an interview with Apple Music, King Promise opened up about the inspiration and message behind the title.

"This time I felt like, ‘Be true to self,’" he said, adding, “I found the right balance between what my sound truly is, who I really am and what I really want to churn out through my music. The title speaks for what I actually want to give off with this album.”

He continued, saying "I’m the most vulnerable I’ve ever been with my music, the most true I’ve been, and everything has clues to it where it’s not just fiction.”

King Promise delved into each track, sharing insights into the inspiration and collaborations.

On the song "Continental" featuring Nigerian singer and rapper Shallipopi, he said "It brought out another side of him, because usually Shalli has his own style. But on this one he came with a more conscious, more real style about where we’re from and why we are doing this shit and where we are going."

For the track "Paranoid" featuring Haitian-American singer and songwriter

Fridayy, King Promise said "Fridayy is someone who’s a true artist. When I sent him the record, we’d never met but I appreciate his music so much. He said to me, ‘The song was so special. I had to take my time and do it.’"

The album also touches on past relationships through songs like "Ringing in My Head" and "9:45".

On drawing inspiration from real life, King Promise said "I don’t make up stories. I make music based on what's real to me."

'True To Self' sees King Promise baring his soul through honest, intimate songwriting, collaborating with artists he admires while maintaining his Ghanaian musical roots.

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