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Daddy Lumba has never done well on stage– KOD

  Wed, 12 Jun 2024
Daddy Lumba has never done well on stage– KOD

Renowned media personality, Kofi Okyere Darko (KOD), has cited celebrated musician Daddy Lumba as one of the best musicians in the world with very good musical products yet doesn't do well on live stage.

Speaking on the Showbiz A-Z programme on Joy FM, he indicated that not all musicians excel at live stage performances, and the legendary Charles Kwadwo Fosu, better known as Daddy Lumba, is a prime example.

Despite Daddy Lumba’s significant contributions to the Ghanaian music industry and his numerous hit songs, KOD noted that his live performances have often failed to meet expectations.

“Lumba is a great musician. The guy has probably the biggest repertoire in the whole of Ghana, but he’s never done well on stage before. Lumba’s never had a good day on stage,” KOD remarked.

KOD’s comments highlight a broader issue within the music industry, where the ability to deliver studio hits does not always translate into compelling live performances.

He emphasized that several notable artists in Ghana face similar challenges and should focus on improving their stage presence.

“We should realize that it’s not all our musicians that are meant to be on stage for live performances.

We should also know that you could be an amazing singer in releasing countless hit tracks in your lifetime, but you’re probably not meant to be on stage. There are quite a number of musicians that over the years, and it’s not just in Ghana, across the world, we force on stage because there’s an audience that wants to see them,” he added.

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