NPP PC incited galamseyers to attack soldiers, not the public — Lydia Forson calls out GAF

General News Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson
Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson

Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson has condemned the Ghana Armed Forces' (GAF) generalisation in its statement cautioning against attacks on soldiers following a viral video.

The video showed an NPP parliamentary candidate inciting galamsey operators to fight back against soldiers.

In a post on X on Tuesday, June 11, Lydia Forson wrote "Why are you calling out 'the public' when it's only ONE PERSON who's seen in a video. If you can't call him out, leave us out of the WhatsApp group."

In a statement released by GAF, it cautioned "the public" against calls for attacks on soldiers.

However, Lydia Forson argued that only the NPP PC seen in the viral video incited galamseyers, not the general public.

The viral video shows Ernest Frimpong, NPP PC for Amenfi East, urging galamsey operators to resist any attempts by security forces to stop their operations.

Frimpong is heard claiming that galamstop operations have been cancelled and that miners now have the right to fight back if soldiers try to arrest them.

Lydia Forson stressed that GAF should have specifically called out Frimpong instead of generalising it to the public.

“Other people anka you've carried cane to go and lash," she stated.

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