AIW educates Junior High School students with drama

By Frank Owusu Obimpeh II Contributor
Art & Culture AIW educates Junior High School students with drama

All Is Well (AIW), in partnership with the National Drama Company and the Ghana Education Service, organized an event at the National Theatre today focused on developing oral skills through a drama show based on "Oliver Twist."

This initiative aims to help junior high school students improve their writing and reading skills, as well as other essential skills such as speaking and listening. The National Drama Company troupe, along with talented students from various schools, showcased their theatrical prowess in a culturally enriched adaptation of the classic "Oliver Twist" story.

This drama show is intended to assist English teachers in integrating language skills in the classroom, addressing challenges such as large class sizes, heterogeneous student groups, and limited class periods. The use of drama as a teaching technique can make language instruction more engaging and effective.

Speaking to journalists during the drama show in Accra, Paa Kwesi Owusu, the manager of All Is Well, explained, "Today's drama aims to demonstrate the use of dramatic techniques in teaching language skills at the junior high school level for schools in Accra. It showcases how these techniques can be integrated into language instruction. In the teaching context, drama engages and stimulates the feelings and visualization of learners, providing various stimuli and enhancing their learning experience."

The event highlights the potential of drama to enrich language teaching, making learning more dynamic and interactive for students.