Medikal, D-Black reconcile after cigar video sparks feud

Industry News Medikal, D-Black reconcile after cigar video sparks feud

Musician Medikal expressed his discontent and discomfort over a video featuring D-Black and his wife, Fella Makafui, smoking cigars at D-Black’s bar.

The rapper revealed in a candid interview on Accra-based Starr FM with the popular presenter Bola Ray, that this incident was the catalyst for him to publicly address his ongoing divorce with Fella Makafui.

During the interview, an uninvited D-Black joined the conversation to clarify the situation. He insisted that the circumstances surrounding the viral video had been misconstrued and expressed his desire to be excluded from discussions about the couple’s divorce.

The tension between the two rappers stemmed from the viral video showing Fella Makafui smoking a cigar, which D-Black had lit for her. This incident occurred while Medikal and Fella were experiencing difficulties in their marriage. The video enraged Medikal, prompting him to call out D-Black for his actions.

However, the feud between the two artists came to a surprising resolution on Thursday, May 22. D-Black made an unexpected appearance on the Star Chat segment of Starr FM during Medikal's interview with Bola Ray. Both artists took this opportunity to reconcile.

Medikal stated unequivocally during the interview that he would never have lit a cigar for D-Black's wife, underscoring his disapproval of D-Black’s actions. The peace between the artists was symbolically marked by them "smoking a peace pipe," putting their differences behind them for the time being.

This development adds a new chapter to the ongoing saga of Medikal and Fella Makafui's marital issues, with the public closely watching how the story unfolds.

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