Sat, 18 May 2024 New Release

Nonii Releases New Banger

By M. Abdul Pabai

Afrobeat has been blessed with a new banger by Isabell Muhia otherwise known as Nonii. The song which is tagged ‘BERRY’ encapsulates excessive romance that has its strings attached to enticing physical attraction thus yielding enjoyment.

The multi-talented Kenyan songstress who superbly sings in both Swahili and English gives a storyline in the song that would compel listeners to bow their heads treating their partners well in an honest manner. Her cloud nine voice which grabs the African cultural flair combines both contemporary Afrobeats and the yesteryears’ flavor of the genre of music.

The grooming diva, though had faced numerous challenges in not just producing her music but also getting it to a bigger audience on the African continent, and the world at large has her eyes set on walking on the path of legends in the near future. According to the Queen, she is fixed on becoming a legend someday ahead despite the dominance of males in the musical industry.