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Ghanaian model fights stigma of fraud case

  Fri, 19 Apr 2024
Sandra SoriceSandra Sorice

Sandra Sorice, a Ghanaian supermodel, has spoken out about her case with German security authorities, in which she was accused of defrauding a businessman in Essen, 10 years after being acquitted and discharged.

In 2014, Sandra was accused of swindling the American businessman Reginald Beauvais, of more than 750,000 Euros (approximately GH¢2.6 million) under the pretext of supplying him gold.

According to her, the court dismissed the case against her after it found out that Reginald Beauvais was her lover.

Sandra said even after being cleared by the court, she still carries the stigma of the fraud case, which has had an impact on her modeling career.

She stated that she had become a victim of the fraud case, which others continue to bring up and use against her.

“Now, people, especially my competitors in the model business across the world most especially in Europe, use the case against me. They resort to the internet and find the media reportage on my arrest to make statements and allegations against me,” she asserted.

“This is really affecting me,” Sandra cried out and continued, “I'm really disappointed that the media did not follow up the case to its conclusion.”

She told DAILY GUIDE that a Chief State Attorney, in an advice to the Director General of CID dated March 24, 2014, with reference number XA/55/12, asked the CID to withdraw all charges filed against her and one another and close the case.

She stated that Reginald Beauvais’ actions with the prosecutors smelt of “disloyalty”, and that he could not have been gullible in the deal after failing to make payment in the presence of his business partner Danilo.

She said prosecutors discovered that her role in the business transaction was doubtful and therefore could not have swindled Reginald Beauvais.

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