01.03.2024 General News

Prince David Osei against Mahama’s return

Prince David Osei against Mahamas return
01.03.2024 LISTEN

Actor Prince David Osei has expressed skepticism regarding former President John Dramani Mahama’s bid for the presidency, questioning the necessity of his return to government after holding various high-ranking positions in the past.

“What's he coming to finish exactly?” Osei queried, highlighting Mahama’s extensive political career, which includes roles as an Assemblyman, Member of Parliament, Minister of Communications, Vice President, and President.

While acknowledging the electorate’s prerogative to choose their leaders, Osei suggested an alternative candidate, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, as a more suitable option. Praising Bawumia’s achievements and vision, Osei emphasized the Vice President’s digitalization agenda and its positive impacts on banking, healthcare, and security.

Speaking on Accra fm in favour of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Osei urged voters to consider Bawumia’s track record and potential, stating, “If you give such a person the opportunity, he'll do more.”

Responding to inquiries about the NPP’s electoral prospects, Osei cautioned against overreliance on social media, implying that the outcome of elections is determined by more than online discourse.

In a curious turn, Osei invoked mystical elements, suggesting the involvement of creatures like dwarfs and angels in democratic processes. “If God chooses a king, end of discussion,” he remarked, emphasizing a belief in divine intervention in political affairs.

As Ghana prepares for the upcoming presidential election, Osei’s remarks add a layer of intrigue to the political landscape, reflecting broader debates surrounding leadership, experience, and the future direction of the country.