Fameye says Ghana Music Awards Trophy holds greater value than Grammy or BET

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FEB 21, 2024 LISTEN

Singer-songwriter Fameye, speaking on Accra 100.5 FM's mid-morning show "Ayekoo Ayekoo" with host Nana Romeo, boldly asserted that his Ghana Music Awards trophy holds more significance to him than a Grammy or BET award.

Reflecting on his journey from obscurity to fame, Fameye, also known as Peter, recalled a time when he cherished international accolades like the Grammy and BET awards above all else, as portrayed in his song "Destiny." However, a shift in perspective occurred as he witnessed Ghanaian music legends such as Kwaadee, Ofori Amponsah, and Kwaw Kese receive recognition at the Ghana Music Awards.

Expressing gratitude for the support he has received from his homeland, Fameye emphasized the importance of local recognition in propelling artists to global success. He stated, "The support that has made me who I am came from this country. And it is when you have massive support from your home country that you can rise to those desired heights."

Fameye highlighted the significance of Ghanaian artists being recognized by prestigious international bodies like the Recording Academy, organizers of the Grammys, with their national awards, fostering a sense of pride and legitimacy within the global music community.

While acknowledging the significance of winning a Grammy or BET award, Fameye reiterated his newfound belief that the Ghana Music Awards holds greater weight in his career trajectory. He emphasized that continuous recognition at the national level would ultimately lead to international success, to the delight of his fans.

In conclusion, Fameye stressed his contentment with winning Ghana Music Awards, stating, "What's more important is to win Ghana Music Awards."

Fameye, who was awarded Songwriter of the Year in 2022 at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards for his hit song "Praise," has embraced a more philosophical approach to his music and views since adopting the professional name Peter and releasing his album "Songs of Peter," which marks his dedication to spreading messages of spirituality.