All my songs before ‘Down Flat’ ensured there was food on the table, but ‘Down Flat’ changed my life — Kelvyn Boy

Industry News All my songs before Down Flat ensured there was food on the table, but Down Flat changed my life—Kelvyn Boy
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Afrobeats sensation Kelvyn Boy has opened up about the transformative impact of his chart-topping song, 'Down Flat,' revealing that it changed his life.

In a recent post on X, the singer reflected on the financial impact of his songs, noting that while all his old releases helped put food on the table, it was 'Down Flat' that brought massive transformation in his life.

Kelvyn Boy, known for his distinctive sound and captivating performances, expressed the profound impact of 'Down Flat' on his career.

He stated, "All my songs before ‘Down Flat’ ensured there was food on the table, but ‘Down Flat’ changed my life."

Released in 2022, 'Down Flat' quickly gained popularity and went on to win the 'Highlife Song of the Year' award at the 2023 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

The song's success was propelled further when a dancer created choreography for it, and the track gained widespread recognition on TikTok.

Kelvyn Boy's ability to craft the song in less than 20 minutes and its subsequent success showcased the artist's musical prowess and resonated with fans.

The collaboration between the catchy tune and the viral dance moves led to a surge in the song's popularity.

Having made an impact in the music industry, Kelvyn Boy's career trajectory has been marked by notable achievements, including hits like 'Mea,' 'Kpo K3k3,' and 'Yawa No Dey.'

The artist, who was formally signed to Stonebwoy's Burniton Music Group, parted ways in 2019 amid controversies.

Gideon Afful Amoako
Gideon Afful Amoako

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