Every song done is derived from highlife; I’m the lighthouse to Ghana music — Akwaboah

Highlife News Every song done is derived from highlife; I’m the lighthouse to Ghana music — Akwaboah

Ghanaian Highlife artiste, Akwaboah, has proudly declared himself as the guiding light of highlife music in Ghana, asserting that the genre serves as the source of inspiration for all Ghanaian songs.

In an interview on the Showbiz 360 show on TV3, Akwaboah shared insights into the inspiration behind his latest album, "Lighthouse."

The artist explained that the album aims to showcase the beauty and challenges of highlife music, emphasizing its live instrumentation, precision and skill requirements.

According to Akwaboah, the essence of the "Lighthouse" album is to draw attention to the highlife genre and encourage other artists to embrace their musical roots.

“I feel I'm the highlife lighthouse of Ghana music. Because the bottom line is that every song we are doing now is derived from high life. So this is me trying to tell everybody that I am the lighthouse to Ghana music. Whether they like it or not,” Akwaboah asserted.

Akwaboah further expressed his belief that every artist should acknowledge and draw inspiration from the highlife genre, which forms the bedrock of the country's musical heritage.

“I just need people to understand that Highlife is the core of everything that we're doing. So you can do anything that you want to do.

“But pick it from your source, which is the high life here. So Lighthouse is me directing people to the high-life thing that we're doing here in Ghana.

“So every song you hear out there, it's somewhat live, instrumentation-wise because, you know, way back, they used to do everything live,” Akwaboah explained.

Highlife music, originating in West Africa, particularly Ghana, in the 19th century, combines African rhythms and melodies with Western instruments and jazz influences.

Known for its upbeat, danceable, and expressive nature, highlife music remains an important cultural and musical force in Ghana and other West African countries, as well as in the diaspora.

Gideon Afful Amoako
Gideon Afful Amoako

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