There was no communication, fun moments; I was happy for just 5 minutes — Xandy Kamel on her 'collapsed' marriage

General News There was no communication, fun moments; I was happy for just 5 minutes —Xandy Kamel on her 'collapsed' marriage
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Actress and former Angel TV presenter, Xandy Kamel, has opened up about the challenges she faced during her previous marriage to Nana Kwaku Mensah, popularly known as King Kaninja.

In an interview with Delay on ‘The Delay Show’ Xandy Kamel revealed candid details of her marriage, disclosing that despite her efforts for a successful marriage, she was happy for only a brief period.

In the interview, Xandy Kamel disclosed that she took on the financial responsibilities of the entire marriage, including covering the cost of utilities in their home.

When asked about her happiness in the marriage, she admitted, “I was happy for only 5 minutes.”

Xandy Kamel pointed to issues of poor communication and a lack of intimacy.

She expressed that despite being active at work, there was a noticeable absence of communication and enjoyable moments at home.

“Even during Valentine's Day, I had to beg him to get me something, even if it were chocolates. He rather went to get us pork and coke. But to me, it meant a lot because at least he showed love,” Xandy shared.

When questioned about attempts to address these issues in her marriage, Xandy Kamel affirmed that she had raised concerns with Kaninja, but his response was disheartening.

According to her, he would dismissively say, “he never went to a school of romance” whenever she brought up the need for better communication and intimacy.

Xandy Kamel also revealed financial challenges after her divorce, indicating that despite having over 30,000 cedis in her account before marriage, she was left with meager resources afterwards.

Gideon Afful Amoako
Gideon Afful Amoako

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