I married my husband, that's why I'm the only one who can end it — Xandy Kamel

General News I married my husband, that's why I'm the only one who can end it —Xandy Kamel
NOV 19, 2023 LISTEN

Actress and TV personality Xandy Kamel has shed light on the issues of her controversial marriage and the reasons leading to its dissolution.

Kamel shared these details during an interview on the weekly episode of the Delay show.

The actress recounted that she first crossed paths with her now ex-husband, Kaninja, while working and hosting a show at Angel TV.

Despite initially not paying much attention to him, their relationship took a swift turn.

Kamel disclosed, "When I started working there, he was already a staff there, but funny enough, I never even looked his way, but it happened - It took two months."

The 'love' between Kamel and Kaninja developed faster, and within four to six months into the relationship, they found themselves discussing preparations for marriage.

Kamel disclosed that she took on a huge financial role in the wedding, sponsoring more than half of the expenses, including purchasing the rings, husband's suit and covering other bills.

"I bought both rings and made one of my uncles buy the wedding and then send it to Ghana for him. So it feels like I married him.

“That is why I am the only one who can end it... I married him because I did everything; he only came in as a man that I respected...but I made it look like he did it," Kamel explained.

However, the actress went on to reveal that the marriage faced challenges, including her ex-husband's infidelity.

She disclosed that the discovery of several cheating escapades, coupled with cyberbullying and body-shaming, led her into a state of depression.

The situation was further compounded by the tragic death of her first child, who drowned.

Seeking help, Kamel shared that she underwent therapy and received assistance to cope with the traumatic experiences.

Gideon Afful Amoako
Gideon Afful Amoako

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