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Radio host exposes Delay's heartbreak: An Italian love lost

Radio host exposes Delay's heartbreak: An Italian love lost

The ex-husband of actress Xandy Kamel has revealed details about Delay's past relationship, where a man she was involved with chose to marry another woman in Italy.

Kaninja's statement was in response to an interview granted by Delay to Kaninja's ex-wife.

In a social media reply, Kaninja suggested that given Delay's age, she should use her platform to uplift people rather than create animosity.

He further mentioned that the man Delay had a relationship with in Italy recently got married, implying that Delay might have been anticipating a future with him or even having a child together, only to feel betrayed.

Here's the complete text of his post:
kingkaninja1 I decided not to do this but for the first time I have to.

1. The interviewer: You were desperately chasing me for an interview 2yrs ago when I was in Taadi to the extent that you even wanted to pay my Air fare but I declined your request cause the last time I checked you are not responsible enough to be in that capacity claiming to be a holy ghost cause at your age you shloud be using your platform building people not creating enmity among people.

The guy you had a thing with in Italy just got married what are you waiting for Old wise Woman.

2. The reason I don't give attention to some of this news is that look.

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