Instead of the media, I'll blame my PR team when my music promotion fails — Camidoh

Music News Camidoh, Ghanaian Afropop singer and songwriter
NOV 17, 2023 LISTEN
Camidoh, Ghanaian Afropop singer and songwriter

Ghanaian artist Camidoh says he will not blame the media if his songs fail to gain traction.

He said he would instead put the onus on his own team to do effective music promotion.

In an interview with Accra-based Hitz FM's Daybreak Hitz, Mr Camidoh was asked if he felt the media had supported him enough in promoting his music over the years.

The Sugarcane hitmaker praised the media's "unwavering support" of his career so far.

He stated "I can't blame the media. I will always put the blame on my team if my songs are not promoted as they should."

Camidoh posited that creating music without proper promotion from one's team is akin to producing a product without advertisement.

"If you make a product and you don't let people know about it, you can't say people are sleeping on your product," he noted.

The artist acknowledges that the onus lies with his PR and promotion team to properly communicate with media partners and provide them the information they need to showcase his songs.

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