I’m divorced– Mimi Andani

  Thu, 16 Nov 2023
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Ex-Big Brother Africa housemate and CEO of the defunct Golden Movie Award, Mimi Andani, has revealed that she is officially divorced from her husband, Nana Michaels.

The decision made amicably, marks the end of their eight-year marriage, which concluded approximately a year ago.

Mimi announced this on Wednesday, acknowledging the difficulty of making such a personal revelation.

She explained that circumstances beyond her control necessitated the announcement, expressing weariness at the constant need to explain her personal life in the media space.

In an Instagram post, she wrote, “This was difficult to do, but I had to do it anyway due to circumstances beyond my control (cliché, but the only way).”

Mimi Andani clarified that she and Nana Michaels had been divorced for close to a year, preceded by a separation period lasting more than a year.

Highlighting the challenges of being in the media spotlight, Mimi stressed the importance of the announcement to clarify her current status. She requested that everyone refer to her as “Simply Mimi” or “Marvella Maame,” and in official settings, as “Mimi Andani.”

According to her, the announcement will prevent confusion, as clients, associates, and friends often refer to her as “Mrs. Michaels.”

She emphasized the significance of protecting her corporate image and avoiding misunderstandings, especially when seen with male friends at events.

Despite the end of the marital relationship, Mimi assured that she and Nana Michaels are committed to providing their only child with the love and support required for a healthy upbringing.