NMSQ mistress only has book knowledge with no wisdom — Mr. Logic jabs her over “anti-Creative Arts” comment

Hot Issues NMSQ mistress only has book knowledge with no wisdom — Mr. Logic jabs her over anti-Creative Arts comment
NOV 6, 2023 LISTEN

Entertainment critic Mr Logic has asked National Science and Maths Quiz Mistress Professor Elsie Effah Kaufmann to apologize for her "course selective" remarks which downplayed the importance of creative arts.

Prof Elsie Kaufmann stated in an interview with Bola Ray on his Starr Chat show that some schools focus more on "singing and dancing" than their counterparts, sparking backlash from the creative community.

Speaking on United Showbiz on Saturday, November 4, Mr Logic backed calls from the Arts and Tourism Writers Association of Ghana (ATWAG) for Prof. Effah Kaufmann to retract her comments.

He said: "She has to apologise to calm everyone down... Book knowledge is not always wisdom; book knowledge is called knowledge, and wisdom is wisdom. There are professors who are knowledgeable but are not wise."

Mr Logic added that the quiz mistress "lacked wisdom" in this case and should have considered the value of creative fields before making her remarks.

"I like the way she conducts the quiz. But when I saw what she said, I was disappointed. She shouldn’t undermine us; many creatives went to school," he said.

He argued that some creative professionals earn more than academians and doctors, yet still not regarded.

"If you look at some professors and doctors, the money people in the creative sector make, they wouldn’t be able to make that amount throughout their lives. But they undermine some of these creative people and label them as jobless,” he said.

Isaac Donkor Distinguished
Isaac Donkor Distinguished

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