‘I’m sorry, I won’t team up with you; you lack music elements’ — Gyedu-Blay Ambolley to young artistes

General News ‘I’m sorry, I won’t team up with you; you lack music elements’ — Gyedu-Blay Ambolley to young artistes

Gyedu Blay Ambolley, the veteran Ghanaian Highlife musician known for his iconic contributions to the music industry has made it clear that he will not collaborate with any artist, especially young ones, if they fail to meet his musical standards.

Ambolley's stance stems from his dedication to preserving Ghana's rich musical legacy and ensuring that the substance and quality of music remain paramount.

Even if offered a substantial sum of money, Ambolley maintains that he will not compromise on the principles he holds dear to his heart when it comes to music collaboration.

"I am not looking at the money. I am not going to say because they have money, I am going to charge them and do it. It has to be what I believe in, and the substance of the music must have a positive impact on listeners," Ambolley asserted.Reflecting on his own musical journey, which spans over four decades,

Ambolley emphasized the importance of acquiring a deep understanding of music, including its composition, arrangement, and other fundamental elements that contribute to creating exceptional music.

He lamented that many young acts today depend solely on technology and often lack the essential musical education and elements necessary to create meaningful and lasting music.

"In our time, we learnt what music really was and the rudiments of music composition, arrangement, and all other elements that make good music. That is not available to the young ones lately. All they do is to depend on the computer and after that give themselves all kinds of titles," Ambolley observed.

The Simigwado hitmaker expressed concern that the younger generation of artists often prioritize trends and quick fame over the preservation of cultural heritage and creative integrity.

He urged them to invest time in honing their skills rather than seeking shortcuts to stardom.

"Many of them want to do music with me, but they are not at par with what I expect. And if you are not up to that, I am sorry, I won’t team up with you," Ambolley firmly stated.

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